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Build a Better Lunch Box

Packing a delicious, healthy lunch is easier than you might think! Check out Chef Ann's favorite lunch box choices for healthy kids and a healthy planet. For more great recipes ideas from Chef Ann Cooper and Whole Foods Market, check out our Back to School recipes!

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eric says …

terrific! great video

Shelley Wooldridge says …

Some kids don't like these types of foods. I know my kids don't like tomatoes, lettuce or whole wheat pasta. I do use whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter and fresh fruit jam. I pack nuts and cubes of cheese and usually an organic fruit strip from Wholesfoods. Also, sometimes people can't afford the "organic" prices of these types of lunches. I did a price check on the "Wholefoods" products suggested for healthy lunches and then did a price check on the same products in a different market and there was a substantial difference. If we want our kids to eat healthier then we can't charge so much for the products. Most parents, especially now adays with all the layoffs, can't afford to pay $3.50 for a jar of organic peanut butter or $3.00 a pound for organic grapes. They will opt for the cheaper products which aren't necessarily the healthier product. We need to lower our organic prices.

Heidi says …

We've made a few changes to the Santa Fe veggie wrap recipe found on the whole foods site - grill the corn, add slightly less of each ingredient to make the wrap more wrappable - and it is now my 11 year-olds favorite sandwich of all time. She helps me make it at least twice a week. I also printed the chart from the School lunch revolution and put it on the fridge door. It's a great reference tool for my husband and kids to make sure lunchboxes are nutritionally balanced!