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Can I Eat That?

null Having food allergies or special diet needs can be especially challenging this time of year. Sometimes I just want to scream "Can we please have a gathering without food?!" Of course, that's not going to happen and I really do realize that "breaking bread" together can be a wonderful experience. But it just so happens that bread is made from wheat, which is a no-no for my daughter and don't even get me started on my husband's food restrictions (no grains of any kind, dairy, sugar, starchy vegetables, tofu, etc.) Can you say "cook every single meal at home?" To help myself and many others out there who want to share food with all of their guests, we put together this handy info guide, Entertaining Guests with Special Diets. From tips on asking your guests if they have dietary restrictions to figuring out what you can serve and how to label dishes at your gathering, we thought of everything we could to help make your party enjoyable for all. For ideas on recipes to prepare for your guests with special diet needs, check out our list of gluten-free and dairy-free holiday dishes - these recipes are either gluten-free OR dairy-free and some are both. We also have a collection of our favorite holiday vegetarian entrees. And, other special diet needs may be meet by some of the recipes in our holiday collection. If you’d like to participate in a short special diets survey, please click here. Hope this helps you enjoy the holidays!

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S says …

I think that not calling attention to my health issues is a way to avoid disparities. I would just ask what are your soup of the day or look at the fresh salad menu of a restaurant. I look at the menu before I go into a restaurant. If they don't have the items I could eat I don't patronize them.

kathy says …

I really appreciate this post. I wish more people would be sensitive to the diets of others. And that goes for restaurants as well. As a vegan, there is nothing more telling about a restaurant when the waiter has to ask you what exactly a 'vegan' can eat. I found an interesting interview clip where the former chef from 21 Club says menu's better have *vegan options. Read it all on my blog: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com

Jim says …

Your introduction is really great help for food allergies. hope we can find more suitable food to eat in your market.

donna says …

An often overlooked food allergy is garlic. While garlic is a really healthy ingredient for most, for those of us who are allergic, it can cause moderate to severe swelling and distress. There is garlic hidden in so many foods, grocery shopping and trying to eat out can really be a challenge.