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Celebrate Oktoberfest with Beer & Brats!

oktoberfest Oktoberfest has been held every year in Munich, Germany for almost 200 years. The first fest was not really a festival, but a celebration of the wedding of Crown Prince Luitpold I and Princess Theressa of Bavaria. They celebrated with beer and wurst (sausages). These days, an astonishing ten million pints of beer and more than 3/4 million sausages are consumed annually at this festival. Here are some of our fave Beer and Brat pairings: Beck's Oktoberfest (import) Light with spicy overtones, this beer is fruity. Serve with Original Bratwurst as the mild flavor in the Bratwurst will tie together the flavors of both. Sam Adams Oktoberfest (domestic) Slightly herbal with light fruit and malt. Serve with Original Bratwurst, as the clean flavors of the beer will let the spices in the sausage shine. Paulaner Oktoberfest (import) One of the original six Oktoberfest beers. Nutty aroma with a malty and caramel flavor. Serve with Weisswurst to bring out the onion flavor in the sausage. Spaten Oktoberfest (import) Another of the original six. Spicy with an earthy and bitter finish. Original Bratwurst would be a classical pairing with the peppery sausage and the earthy beer. Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest (import) Also one of the original six. Toasty with hints of honey and fruit, tastes of caramel. Serve with Sheboygan Bratwurst as the pepper and ginger will come forward and complement the richness of the beer. Erdinger Oktoberfest Weissbier (import) Mild and crisp, this Weissbier has fruity and nutty overtones. Serve with German Wiener as the simplicity in style of both products is straightforward and complementary. Ayinger Oktoberfest (import) This beer is a full bodied Marzen with forward maltiness and a dry finish. Serve with Knockwurst as the beer will hold up to the garlic profile and accent the meat flavor. You'll find recipe ideas, interesting facts and pertinent links on our Oktoberfest page. How are you celebrating?

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Amahl Scheppach says …

May I also suggest Pinkus Muller Jubilate. While more of a Munich Dunkel than an Oktoberfest, it has all the malty richness of those beers, is excellent with sausage, and is certified organic.

Andy and Cheryl Anderson says …

I recently made one of Emerill's recipes for Beer/ Bratworst with an apple, bacon, saurkraut mixture just using regular beer... Next time I am going to try it with Samual Adams beer... Good idea! Thanks!

cathy dunn says …

A nice imported beer that many people haven't tried is an Austrian Beer called Kapsreiter Landbier imported by Weinbmer Inc, Franklin Park, Ill. Ithas no bitter aftertaste.

german beer bratwurst recipes says …

The sauerkraut will simply need to heat through, so you will only need to leave it in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. In a stockpot or Dutch oven, brown sausage with garlic. It is a great opportunity to have an excuse to party.