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Cherryriffic Recipes

Summer is so full of fresh fruit that it’s hard to decide just which one to snack on. Unless the sweet cherries have come in! We always pick up a bag of juicy dark-red cherries for the family to share, and it’s one of my son’s favorite fruits to eat. He loves helping prep them by pulling off the stem and handing them to me for the pitting. It’s not long before we’ve worked through half the bag and splattered cherry juice all over the kitchen table. The sweet fruit makes it worth a little mess, though! Cherries are delicious in a variety of dishes, from classic pie to savory scallops. Whether you prefer using a cherry pitter or just being a seed spitter, we’ve got plenty of cherry recipes to savor.



How do you cherish cherries? Let me know in the comments!

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Mary lou says …

I love rhubarb! It has been unusually plentiful this past season, so I keep a pot of it cooked up with dark cherries and a bit of cinnamon! Great over ice cream, sorbet or yoghurt! It fills the house with a wonderful aroma, too!

Scott @ The Healthy Eating Guide says …

Our cherry crop here in Michigan has been devastated by the weather; however, there are still cherry stands all over northern Michigan, and they're the best I've ever had. I just made a chicken salad with fresh cherries, light sour cream, yogurt, celery, and sunflower seeds and it was amazing.

Kimberly Tauch says …

Eat them Raw!

Joyce Kinsey says …

Actually, I prefer Montmorency cherries from Michigan rather than the sweet ones. Bakers used to get them for me in season. Can Whole Foods get them?

Heather S says …

I just ate at an Armenian restaurant in Glendale, California that had the most delicious black cherry basmati rice on the menu. It tasted delicious with the lamb kabobs! I would love to know how to make it... Here goes some kitchen experiments!

Kelsey says …

Raw and in very large quantities!

Kris says …

I work at the Sherman Oaks West store and I tell all my customers my favorite way to enjoy cherries is grilled on top of ice cream and a brownie!