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Chews Wise with John Mackey

In a wide ranging interview posted to his blog Chews Wise, Samuel Fromartz, author of Organic, Inc: Natural Foods and How They Grew, talked to Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey about "the Wild Oats deal, rising food prices, the company's soon-to-be-launched meat ratings system, and the prospects for sustainable seafood." This is a great read for anyone interested in the natural foods industry and Whole Foods Market in particular. Make sure to read both parts of the interview.

Editor’s Note: This blog was modified on 9/22/15 to update how we refer to our standards.

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Ms. Single Mama says …

I think the humane meat ratings system is an amazing idea ... I have noticed that the grocers in my area are now just labeling meat organic, when I doubt the validity. I have no way to verify it though. Maybe a website? Perhaps started by - ummm - Whole Foods. Customers could review meat quality. It could be a start. Thanks for this blog. It's fabulous!

Diane says …

Great interview! They're talking about the pricing at Whole Foods, among other things, and I have to say that we've found the pricing to be very fair there. I don't have a Whole Foods in my neighborhood--our closest is over 200 miles away. But every summer we drive over there and we load up. Although I love my local health food store, it's pricey. And the local grocer may be carrying more organic these days, but cheap? Anything but! I don't expect organic prices to be as low as non-organic, but I see Whole Foods getting darned close in many cases. Now if we could just get one closer to home...

Teresa says …

I'm not sure "humane" and "meat" can actually be used together, since the animals wind up on a plate, but I suppose it's a tiny step away from the most tortuous practices in use by the worst meat processors. I just had to comment since "Humane Meat" is a complete oxymoron.