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Choosing Natural for Pregnancy

By Malia Curran, February 28, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Malia Curran
For many women, starting a family is an impetus to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Discover where to begin with better choices for supplements, body care and aromatherapy. Malia Curran is a nutrition consultant, speaker and mother of 2 young children.

Nutritionist Malia Curran recommends the following supplements for pregnancy:
  • If possible, a woman should start taking a prenatal vitamin three months prior to getting pregnant.
  • DHA is an essential fatty acid found in fatty fish and fish oil that is vital for the growth of a baby’s brain and nervous system.
  • Research shows that babies born to mothers with higher amounts of DHA scored better on attention and visual learning tests.
  • For nausea, eat something—such as crackers—before you get out of bed, and ginger or ginger tea promotes a calm stomach.
Choose body care products carefully while pregnant:
  • Remember that what you put on your body can be absorbed into your body.
  • Skin, hair and oral care products can contain harsh ingredients, so choose body care with a high percentage of natural ingredients and avoid synthetic scents.
  • Dilute products containing 100% pure essential oils in equal parts with unscented varieties.
  • Look for the Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care™ label for the best choices available.
Aromatherapy can be beneficial throughout pregnancy:
  • Only 100% pure essential oils provide benefits, and synthetic scents may be harmful.
  • Before using essential oils, always consult your practitioner, and research varieties and usage specific to your stage of motherhood. During pregnancy, certain oils should be avoided.
    • Essential oils are very concentrated and can be harmful if not used properly by diluting them with carrier oils.
    • Never use essential oils directly on skin.
    • Massage is an opportunity to pamper yourself and may also promote a positive mood and comfortable, relaxed muscles and joints.
Aromatherapy can also be used during labor:
  • Candles with no petroleum wax or artificial scents can help create a warm, softly lit atmosphere.
  • Aromatherapy can also be used by inhaling essential oils from a tissue, the pillow, an electric diffuser, mists or forehead compresses.
  • During and following labor, inhaling 100% pure essential oils of rose or ylang ylang may inspire strength; grapefruit, sweet orange or peppermint may promote relaxation and focus; and mandarin, bergamot, lavender or clary sage may support a positive mood.




Ashlee Kasten says ...
Great information! I have been trying to avoid harsh skin products while pregnant. : )
03/24/2011 7:03:35 AM CDT
Michele says ...
Being pregnant for the 1st time reminded me that everything I did now effected both of us. Thanks for the 'keeping baby safe' info!
03/25/2011 2:21:41 AM CDT
Jeyn says ...
Great podcast. If ever there is a time to be aware of chemicals in, on & near your body...pregnancy is definitely that time.
03/25/2011 8:56:55 PM CDT
Debi says ...
I love this blog! A healthy baby starts before conception. If you plan on getting pregnant soon, start eliminating chemicals now. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.
02/28/2011 6:06:21 PM CST
Jessie C. says ...
Great information for mom to be. I'm passing this to my lil sister, she is expecting.
03/20/2011 7:51:01 PM CDT
Anastasia @ Eco-Babyz says ...
When I was pregnant with my first our entire diet as a family changed and I became aware of how what I eat affects the baby. We are so much healthier now and feel so much better without the processed foods and chemicals!
03/21/2011 3:42:34 PM CDT
Stacy says ...
Great information! I am vegan and I already try to use healthy products but I am always learning, especially now that I am TTC.
03/24/2011 2:53:55 PM CDT
Darcy B says ...
Great information for all Mom's to be.
03/25/2011 9:23:46 PM CDT
Susan Smith says ...
Great information, while I know it's important to watch what I'm eating while I'm pregnant but I hadn't thought about what I put on my skin.
03/26/2011 3:46:16 PM CDT
Steph A says ...
Thanks for the information, I didn't know that pre-pregnancy nutrition was so important also!
03/26/2011 9:54:30 PM CDT