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Classic Baked Beans and Beyond

What hot dog and burger cookout is complete without a side of beans? It’s easy enough to heat a few cans of prepared baked beans — and there are plenty of great canned options in our aisles that meet our exacting Quality Standards — but have you ever made baked beans from scratch? I think our version of Classic Baked Beans is pretty awesome!

It’s not a very complicated dish and you can choose to cook dried beans or simply use canned white beans. Here’s what I think are the keys to great baked beans:

  • Building blocks of flavor: bacon (optional) and onion
  • Something sweet:  brown sugar and molasses
  • Something tangy: apple cider vinegar
  • Something complex: chili powder, dry mustard, tomato paste
  • The beans: Navy beans or Great Northerns are the classic choice for baked beans, but you could try other white beans or any bean for that matter.

Baking beans is a classic seasonal way to enjoy them, but that’s just one of many delicious summery approaches.

Make some of these bean recipes for your next cookout:

I want to know: do you have the best-ever bean dish? Share your great summertime bean recipes, baked or otherwise, in the comments below. Let’s see who can claim bragging rights. Happy summer cooking!

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makettle says …

Love-Love-Love the helpful tips, the yummylicious pictures, and the creative recipes. Have been looking for this and found it here!!

Adele says …

Liven up ordinary canned baked beans by adding generous glugs of Worcestershire Sauce - tastes amazingly good.

Adele says …

Or add curry powder and sultanas for curried baked beans - delicious.

Carl H says …

This is a 'canned beans + meat' dish that's quite common at church suppers, family gatherings, etc...out here in fly over country. Good year round, we tend to make big batches and freeze smaller portions to pull out when folks drop by. <a href="http://allrecipes.com/recipe/calico-bean-casserole/" rel="nofollow">Calico beans</a>