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Ellie says ...
Can these dyes be made ahead of time and refrigerated for a few days before adding the vinegar? Or will they lose their potency?
04/05/2012 6:05:12 AM CDT
Megan says ...
@Ellie When I tried this at home, the dyes kept for a few days. The potency shouldn't go down because you're not diluting it further, but you might need to give the dyes a good stir before adding your eggs.
04/05/2012 8:44:30 AM CDT
Jen says ...
We used beets, which I put through the juicer, coffee, and yellow onion skins. I tried spinach, but I didn't work at all.
04/07/2012 2:16:36 PM CDT
Mon Santo says ...
Sharpe pens are a fantastic natural way to create colorful, beautiful and intricate eggs!! My grandma used to write on onion skins too!
04/07/2012 5:22:40 PM CDT
Emmalynn says ...
In addition to the foods mentioned in the article, there’s also the aroniaberry (chokeberry). It makes a nice light purple color when used to color eggs. This berry contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants and is known as nature’s healer and protector. Learn more www.superberries.com.
04/11/2012 11:14:08 AM CDT
Barbara Hubbard says ...
EASTER EGGS Would you like another method for coloring eggs instead of/or in addition to a commercial dye? Following are directions for a Swiss custom using onion skins and "signs" of spring, renewal, and the resurrection: leaves, grasses, small flowers... The resulting eggs are colorful, unique, and delicious . Using a pan proportionate to the number of eggs to be colored, make dye by simmering loose brown onion skins in water. Have eggs at room temperature. (Eggs that have been stored for several days in the refrigerator will peel more easily.) Dip and cover eggs (uncracked and uncooked) in slightly beaten raw egg white. Arrange leaves, green carrot tops, parsley, celery leaves, small flowers, "attractive" weeds, grass, dry onion skins... on egg white surface; wrap with string AND/OR arrange small appropriate tissue patterns (initials, bunnies, hearts...) on egg white surface without covering with string. Place eggs in boiling dye, making sure eggs are completely covered; reduce heat and simmer gently for 17 to 20 minutes, depending on the size of eggs. Remove eggs from dye and place in a container. Cool thoroughly under running cold water while removing string and other materials. After cleaning and drying, shine eggs by rubbing with butter, margarine or oil.
04/30/2012 10:50:30 AM CDT
Pooty Biz says ...
Great article….!!! Nice to know about new things with helping concept. I am almost brand new to blogging and really like your post, it is really on target! Thanks for all of your time & work. Hope you always write this blog. Thank you
08/18/2012 1:50:47 PM CDT
Alisa says ...
Nice ideas... How bout beet root powder? ...would seem easier to use.
03/14/2013 8:39:41 PM CDT
jojo says ...
The trumpet of the swan bye eb white
03/14/2014 4:00:32 PM CDT
Taylor Swift says ...
Love it.
04/19/2014 2:46:13 PM CDT