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Coosaw Farms

Coosaw Farms was founded in Fairfax, South Carolina, over 30 years ago by Bradley and Louise O’Neal and has since grown to include their two children, Brad and Angela.  Largely known for their Red Seedless Watermelons, Coosaw Farms is now growing Southern Highbrush Blueberries.

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Ashley says …

Neat! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa Robinette says …

Coosaw Farms has the best blueberries! plump, sweet and juicy, they are absolutely delicious. Be sure to try them!

geosbride says …

yes, but, if Coosaw uses pesticides/fertilizer then the watermelons are FULL of pesticides and fertilizers. i'm less concerned with 'food miles' and MORE concerned about ingesting toxicity!!! there's NO mention about these being organic at all... so how are these any more WHOLEsome than if we purchase conventional Florida melons??? (live in Fla)

Jeannette Cox says …

Best blue berries I have ever eaten. Ate the whole container while I put up the rest of the groceries away. Nice and plump. Wish I had bought more.