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Customer Scales Back Spending Without Compromising

Thanks to all of our customers who take the time to share their thoughts with us. From time to time, we'll share some of your feedback on our Whole Story blog. This one comes from J.S., a customer in Massachusetts.
To Whom It May Concern, My favorite chore of the week is shopping at Whole Foods in Hingham, Massachusetts. I am dedicated to quality food for myself and my family and enjoy my shopping experience there (the employees are awesome, especially Cheryll in the Deli!) and also the quality of the foods that I serve to my family. My average food bill per week has consistently been $350.00 with the majority being spent at Whole Foods and the remainder at Shaw's and Good Health Stores. However, due to the changing economy I have had to scale back our spending to about $220 on average per week. I was told I would not be abe to shop at Whole Foods. That is why I am writing. I have found the opposite to be true. Due to the 365 line and other prices that reflect the economy to meet customers where they are at, I have found that I have not had to compromise and shop elsewhere. Actually, I spend about 90% of my bill at Whole Foods now and pick up just a few additional items elsewhere that I cannot find in your store. I want to say thank you. I am grateful that I am still able to enjoy my favorite "chore" of the week and although I have had to cut back in the quantity I purchase, I have not had to compromise on quality. Sincerely, A happy customer
Thanks, J.S., for taking the initiative to find out that you can reduce your food bill without compromising on quality food for your family.  We bet your family appreciates it too!

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Amy says …

I've been price watching and have been delighted to find that Whole Foods' prices on many key basics are often less than the prices I find at the alternative stores in my neighborhood. The stores I check include food coops, major high-end chains like Lunds/Byerly's and bargain chains like Cub Foods.

Kate says …

Whole Foods Markets is one of my customers and they really try to provide quality products and offer a variety of low cost options. If you purchase their 365 brand or bulk foods to make your own delicious meal, pack it into a handy Laptop Lunch bento box for school, or work you can really eat extremely well on a budget. Make sure you buy your produce "in season" to for the best prices and freshness.

Louise Ross says …

I shop very successfully at Whole Foods on a budget, spending around $60 p/week for one, and that amount covers all my meals bar a lunch and a dinner out p/week. I'm a great advocate of the 365 brand, and buying "Good Stuff for Less" items, and I also peruse the Whole Deal for coupons and tips. It really is possible to be a budget shopper at Whole Foods.