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Dads' Best Recipes

Thanks for all the tasty recipe ideas you submitted when we asked for your Dad's best recipe in anticipation of Father's Day on Sunday, June 21. Your recipe ideas and stories led us to a few conclusions about your dads' cooking habits:

Dads are masters of the grill.

Butterfly Grilled Chicken Reilly claims her dad makes grilled steak much better than you can find in any steakhouse. His grilled chicken is also a winner, and he's always in charge of the grilling at their July 4th picnic. Char's dad cooked without recipes. His secret on the grill: pour a good bottle of beer over whatever he was grilling. With this method, he produced great ribs and chicken. If your dad loves to grill, share our Butterfly Grilled Chicken recipe with him.

Dads like sandwiches and burgers.

Black Bean BurgerDavid makes black bean burgers from scratch for his family. Here's our version. His next project is a black bean meatloaf. Mary Lynn's father was a "sandwich man," known by friends as the creator of the "monster sandwich" (big enough for a monster to eat). Lynn's dad makes the best homemade Philly cheese steak around. He uses an electric skillet for cooking the steaks, mushrooms, onions and peppers to perfection.

Some dads bake up a storm.

Diane's dad makes the "best cornbread in the South." Buttermilk and a preheated cast-iron skillet are the secrets to his success. Jeannette's dad bakes an amazing cheesecake that family members request for birthday celebrations (in lieu of gifts). Whether strawberry, pumpkin or cherry cheesecake, Jeannette suspects they taste so good because her dad "loves baking them, and all that love goes right into his delicious cheesecakes." Sarah's dad loves making chocolate chip cookies with three different types of dark chocolate. The smell of these cookies baking in the oven brings an immediate smile to Sarah's face.

Dads are big fans of the pizza theme.

Veggie PotatoesDarcey's dad made pizza potatoes-baked potatoes topped with sautéed veggies, marinara sauce and cheese--still one of her favorite recipes. Serve with a green salad and you're in business! You can try our version of Veggie Potatoes. Melanie's dad makes English muffin pizzas with his own homemade sauce. This quick and easy treat is now a favorite of the grandkids, too. To read all the tasty ideas and fun stories readers submitted, scroll through the comments on the original post. Thanks for all the delicious ideas, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! We hope your celebration includes great food to go along with the great company. How are you celebrating this year?

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Stan says …

"Best Corn Bread In The South" listing above, is there a recipe for the corn bread made in a skillet? Thanks, stan P.S. You have a great looking website/content and all