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Day Boat Seafood

By Kate Medley, April 4, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kate Medley
Day Boat Seafood was started in 2006 by lifelong anglers and longtime friends, Howie Bubis and Scott Taylor.  Both responsible fishermen and successful businessmen, Howie and Scott approached this as a rare opportunity to combine a commercial venture with their love of the sea and their dedication to its preservation.  As a primary producer of wild-caught Florida seafood, Day Boat has a vested interest in sustainable seafood practices and is working closely with the Marine Stewardship Council to gain sustainability certifications.




dr dubarry says ...
Great video; catching with care!not pilfering, not abusing; just harvesting with reason.
04/06/2011 4:38:11 PM CDT
Pauline Seed says ...
Wow makes me want fish & Chips.
04/06/2011 5:37:16 PM CDT
NanTylicki says ...
Having been born and raised inSouth Florida, (now living in Northern California) I am very attentive to the "sustainablity" of the food I purchase and consume.Good Job!
04/06/2011 11:03:48 PM CDT
KATIE GREEN says ...
fantastic work! What a great partnership!
04/08/2011 4:06:02 PM CDT
Debbie says ...
This is great!
04/11/2011 11:40:10 AM CDT
Teri Shore says ...
The only problem is that Day Boat's longline swordfish vessels snag and harm or kill endangered sea turtles and discard tons of shark overboard. This is not sustainable.
05/04/2011 2:18:45 PM CDT
Meg says ...
I dont' think 10 or 11 hooks qualify as a "longline". I would consider this a highly sustainable way to fish.
05/22/2011 1:03:16 PM CDT