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Drink your Aloe Vera!

By Private Label Team, September 26, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Private Label Team

Imagine slicing open a fresh leaf of aloe vera and extracting the beneficial properties from within—our new 365 Everyday Value® Aloe Vera Juices in both unflavored and tangy Pomegranate Cranberry flavor give you an easy way to take advantage of aloe’s benefits every day.

Aloe Plant

Our new 365 Everyday Value® Aloe Juice and Gel products are made from fresh, 100% Whole Leaf Certified Organic Aloe Vera grown in the rich and fertile Rio Grande Valley of Texas and along the Tropic of Cancer in the Mexican Desert. They contain the full range of naturally occurring aloe polysaccharides-- an average of about 2,400 mg per liter. Aloe polysaccharides are thought to be aloe’s most important constituents. Whole leaf products are made by processing the entire leaf and filtering out the unwanted bitter constituents. This retains more of the 200+ components such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. We never use distillates or add water. Our product is 99.7% pure aloe vera!

Aloe Field

The key to a better product is in the way you treat your aloe leaves. The aloe plants and fields are tended with care. It takes two to three years for a plant to reach maturity, and careful harvesting to keep the plants productive for five to seven years’ time. The plants are replaced after seven years and new fields take more than a year to become ready for a new planting. Our fresh aloe leaves are harvested by hand. The folks who pick the leaves have many years of experience and know exactly which leaves will yield the good stuff that aloe gives! Our fresh aloe leaves are refrigerated within two hours of harvest and processed under optimum conditions to retain aloe’s best qualities.

There are many claims about aloe vera and a few are even substantiated by science, how about that? Digestive and immune support as well as increased nutrient absorption are a few of the important ways aloe vera can support health.

Aloe Vera GelTo Juice or Gel, you ask?

Aloe vera gel is actually made from the aloe vera juice by adding a food grade thickening agent called carrageenan, which is a naturally occurring sea kelp/Irish moss. They are almost equally effective because the 365 Everyday Value® Aloe juice products contain 99.7% aloe vera, while the gel products contain 99.5% aloe vera. Juice products are typically made for dietary supplement purposes, while gel products are more commonly used for topical application, though they can be orally ingested and may be soothing to your throat, stomach, and digestive tract.

Drink two to eight ounces per day as a refreshing beverage! Pour over ice, mix with your favorite juice or try our tasty Pomegranate Cranberry flavor. To your health!

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Elizabeth says ...
Just wanted to provide testimony that aloe vera juice works wonders on acid reflux/sour stomach! Someone suggested it to me about 6 months ago - the recommendation was to drink about two ounces BEFORE each meal. Within about 3 days I was no longer experiencing that terrible all-day sensation of heartburn. I tell everyone I can about the wonders of aloe vera juice. Try it!
09/26/2008 2:39:38 PM CDT
Bob Pepping says ...
I have used Aloe before for external use. But can you provide any medical references that it is also safe to take internally over a period of time. Thanks
09/26/2008 5:51:18 PM CDT
Aissa Galoso says ...
I've seen an aloe flavored calpico drink once before. This looks interesting!
09/27/2008 9:06:16 PM CDT
James D says ...
I am going to have to try that. I have a problem with acid reflex. I tried some aloe vera juice awhile back. I did not like the taste of it. I have to try another type maybe.
09/28/2008 7:21:17 AM CDT
Kim says ...
I would like to see proof that it is good for the immune system. I have an immune deficiency disease, and someone told me I should drink aloe juice. However, that same person told me it tastes really bad.
09/30/2008 10:55:44 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
For everyone who's asked to see more research about aloe: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/nutrition/healthnotes.php Please note that we cannot provide you medical advice and if you are seeking treatment for a specific condition, you should consult your doctor or health practitioner. Thanks!
10/01/2008 9:02:35 AM CDT
MacCracker says ...
Aloe works wonders -- soothes heartburn, fixes stomach/intestinal issues, and does awesome things for your skin (after a major breakout). I ran out about two weeks ago, and I can't believe the problems I'm having again. Aloe rocks!
10/08/2008 12:00:42 PM CDT
Rachel says ...
I have a 3 month old baby with acid reflux. He's on the maximum dosage of zantac, but its just not working. Someone suggested putting a little bit of aloe in his bottle, but I don't know if its safe to do so. Is it safe? If so, how much?
10/15/2008 3:11:34 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Rachel It's best to consult your doctor or medical care practitioner for medical advice, even for natural treatments such as aloe vera.
10/15/2008 3:14:25 PM CDT
Marie says ...
George's aloe vera juice is good. It doesnt have any bad taste at all. I've read up on it and it has good reviews. What is your opinion?
11/03/2008 10:07:42 AM CST
Nichole says ...
I wanted to know if aloe is safe to drink over a long period of time if I am drinking 2-4 oz per day. Also, is it best to cycle on and off?
11/04/2008 12:03:05 AM CST
hsiaw says ...
@Nichole It’s best to consult your doctor or medical care practitioner for medical advice, even for natural treatments such as aloe vera.
11/04/2008 1:37:27 PM CST
Izzi says ...
The Mayo Clinic website has great information on aloe. Do a simple search on aloe vera on their website. I read through it and stopped drinking aloe after doing so. Anyone thinking about drinking it needs to take their medical history into consideration and should consult their doctor.
11/13/2008 3:13:00 AM CST
JaSi says ...
We drink aloe vera juice every day in my home and I also give it to my daycare children once a day and we have no more snotty noses here. Some have complained about the taste-my suggestion (the way we do it)..........I buy frozen juice and instead of mixing with water I mix it with Aloe vera juice! You can not tell the difference! Hope this helps you all that don't like the taste!
11/30/2008 4:23:51 AM CST
V says ...
I have a three month old baby, he keeps caoughing and I really don't know if he has a Mild Reflux Problem as his doctor said, or if it is a strong cold, my mother suggested Aloe Vera with his formula, but I am not sure, could you please let me know if this would be apropiate, although he is only 3 month old, he is 16onzs. Regards, V
12/02/2008 9:09:26 PM CST
Anne @ Pink Galoshes says ...
So great. Aloe vera works wonders with digestion, so this is a great thing to have on hand.
01/05/2009 2:30:23 PM CST
rosie says ...
I'm not overly keen on drinking juices, I much prefer the capsule option and have found that Aloeride works wonders.
01/20/2009 4:39:41 AM CST
Ken Warren says ...
I have used Aloe Vera Gel for at least 20 years - can't be beat for sunburn or healing sensitive skin, but everyone knows that. I started drinking the Gel version about 10 years ago, mostly to help acid reflux symptoms (and it does) also use it for indigestion and lower GI problems. I don't use it every day - just as needed - it really does work - I got my 48 year old son using it a couple of years ago, he loves it. Don't forget to refrigerate after opening. It does have a really funky taste and the gel is hard to get down especially when you're not feeling that good in the first place. I never measure how much I take, just take a good long swig or two out of the bottle once or twice a day.
01/22/2009 6:12:46 PM CST
Sandra says ...
Whole foods has such a great thing going...so, please protect the image and correct the grammar error on this page: "Our new 365 Everyday Value® Aloe Juice and Gel products are made from fresh, 100% Whole Leaf Certified Organic Aloe Vera grown in the rich and fertile Rio Grande Valley of Texas and along the Tropic of Cancer in the Mexican Dessert." Dessert? Like ice cream? Thanks for all you do.
01/27/2009 4:16:04 PM CST
Olivia says ...
I read that Aloe Vera Juice is good for the treatment of hyperpigmentation (melasma). I'm going to try it since it seems like a cheap way to treat it, but I'm wondering if anyone has an experience they can share. Did Aloe Vera juice help? Did you use it in combination with any other products? Any info is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Here's a <a href="http://www.ehow.com/how_2214942_apply-fruit-help-hyperpigmentation.html?ref=fuel&amp;utm_source=yahoo&amp;utm_medium=ssp&amp;utm_campaign=yssp_art" rel="nofollow">link</a> to the article I read.
01/27/2009 9:54:34 PM CST