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East Coast Apple Season

Josiah provided this field report from his visit to these orchards in early September. The growing geographies in New York State and Pennsylvania are reporting lush fruit sets (on the trees), vigorous growth and excellent size, and early indications are also quite good for color and sugar...some of these growers are calling it a "vintage season." Of course this is bittersweet for certain other growers in some areas, summer storms brought some pretty serious hail through the orchards back in July and August and a fair number of growers are reporting some fairly serious damage as they get closer to harvest. This is, naturally, never good for anybody. But for those who managed to get through those hail-storms with little or no impact, it's going to be a pretty solid season...we expect to see some of the classic, heirloom varietals ('york imperial', 'northern spy', 'empire' etc.)...and there should be plenty of 'honeycrisp' to go around!

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sally allen says …

I was just in Vermont. Wow ! Talk about nice apples. There is nothing like a fresh crispy Mac.I had apple brownies that were out of this world. leave peeker, Sally

Aaron Kagan says …

As a Vermonter friend of mine says, it's getting to that time of year where apples are like bread. Speaking of which, I just successfully made my first batch of apple scrap vinegar from the cores and peels left over after a crisp. It's a great, simple, and tangy way to close the loop.

Zack Katz @ Katz Web Design says …

That last picture is just cruel. Those look tasty!

Jeffrey Bigelow says …

I find your writings about fruits very fulfilling. Does Whole Foods plan to carry any "Bruni" or "Bolmsi" apples? Those are fruits worth writing about for sure. Yours Endearingly, Jeff Bigelow


A re you folks going to stock Northern Spys when they are harvested, in the Sarasota store?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@STEVE - Our exact options differ so I would suggest calling Sarasota at 941.316.4700 to find out!