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Eating Green for Earth Month

Eat your way to a greener planet! Here are some simple ways to make food choices that positively impact our environment and celebrate Earth Month. Challenge: Zero Waste Meals Try preparing a zero waste breakfast (or lunch or dinner) by purchasing items with little or no packaging. Ensure that any packaging you do end up with is reusable or recyclable, and then compost any food waste. Banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells and carrot tops are just the beginning of what you can compost. Do your part to keep landfill-bound waste to a minimum. Choose Whole Trade® Products Our Whole Trade program sources over 1,000 items from producers who share a commitment to quality, the environment and healthy working conditions. Small choices you make every day really make a difference in the world. When you choose Whole Trade products, you are actively using your buying power to create new economic opportunities for workers in the developing world. Go Grass-fed Animals that are raised on grassy pastures instead of on feedlots cause less soil erosion and water pollution — and experience better quality of life. Grass-fed beef ranching is not only good for the animals but involves managing natural resources and supporting local producers. Support Responsible Seafood Practices When you support responsible wild-caught fishing practices, you help ensure the ecological health of our oceans and the abundance of marine life. We partner with groups like the Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and Blue Ocean Institute who encourage responsible practices and provide the public with accurate information about the issues. We also promoted selling Responsibly Farmed seafood – look for the logo! Look for Local Produce Try eating only local produce one day a week (or more). Best to do this during the peak of your local growing season! To increase the challenge, try to eat only foods that have travelled less than 100 miles to your plate. Find more earth-friendly tips and ideas from our Green Mission Team and our Whole Foods Market Missions App. What food choices do you make to help green the planet? Share them in the comment section below!

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Debra says …

I want to spring clean with green products!