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Equitable Pay Through Whole Trade Mangoes

By Paige Brady, May 21, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
Whole Foods Market is the sole buyer of organic and Fair Trade Certified mangoes from small Haitian growers, sometimes buying from a family with just one tree. The Whole Trade® Guarantee ensures growers receive equitable pay — a key point since this mango crop is a major source of income for many of these farmers. Learn about the driving force behind organizing the grower groups to achieve and maintain Fair Trade and organic certifications. The Fair Trade and organic certifications increase transparency and market value, which drives better returns for growers. Here’s an earlier blog post about these great mangoes. You can find these mangoes in Whole Foods Market stores nationwide during the varietal's short six-to-eight week season throughout May and into June.




Al -J'ean says ...
Thanks for this very important information, Highly Sweet Mangos..
05/25/2011 2:33:24 PM CDT
Ralph Alcin says ...
I would like to be part of the team to explore the haitian mangoes
05/27/2011 10:33:42 AM CDT
Clara Monfort says ...
The changes that are happening in global nutrition,especially in Haiti, my home country, give me hope of something even greater to take place in the near future with organizations coming together to support each other for the well being of the people.
05/27/2011 3:53:33 PM CDT
anna says ...
I remember mangoes from home "real good"...i do miss it in Haiti
05/28/2011 12:04:03 PM CDT
chantal says ...
thank you for helping those farmers to realize their dreams. When I was a little girl growing up in Haiti helping my dad collect mangos. We did not have that chance to sell our mango to America thank you for giving them a chance today. With that money they can send their kids to school. Once again thank you to all of youu. God bless PS. I will make sure that I get me a box from your store to share with friends and family. Chantal
05/31/2011 7:14:43 AM CDT
gailrm says ...
I just got back from Haiti. Thrilled to see that Whole Foods is buying from Haiti....keep it up....
05/31/2011 3:54:33 PM CDT