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Favorite Holiday Side Dish Recipes

For many people, when it comes down to it, Thanksgiving is all about the side dishes. Here are some of our very favorite holiday side dishes. For a more complete listing, visit our holiday recipe pages. There’s still time to try out some of these recipes before the big day of feasting, so pick a few to take for a test run. Salads—Salad greens and green vegetables make a fresh complement to some of the richer flavors typically on the Thanksgiving table. Plan to include one or more on your menu. Grain Salads—These side dishes showcase seasonal flavors combined with hearty grains. Potatoes—Mashed, smashed, scalloped or roasted, you can’t go wrong with these options. Greens—Remember the leafy greens! Try these simple recipes for nutrient-dense greens. Stuffings—Every family has their own tradition. What’s yours? Sweet Potatoes—Whether you like them with or without marshmallows, we’ve got you covered with tasty preparations: Green Beans—No Thanksgiving table is complete without some kind of green beans. Here are a few of our favorites: What side dishes are you planning to serve on your Thanksgiving menu this year?

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Joe @ Eden Kitchen says …

I am serving this stunning Warm Millet & Broccoli Salad with a delicious walnut pesto: http://edenkitchen.com/warm-millet-broccoli/

Linda Dolan says …

I would like to cook my Thanksgiving Turkey in my Convection Oven. Can you please give me directions.

Bepkom says …

Your local store will have a brochure with cooking instructions. You can pick one up when you select your turkey.

Robert says …

Sorry - but there were no cooking directions attached to the bird we bought. CONTRARY TO THIS WEBSITE, THERE WERE NO BROCHURES available when picking up or ordering. How about just posting the instructions on your site??!? Your customer service for picking up the birds SUCKS. One guy, talking on the phone while other WF lackeys just stand around refusing to make eye contact. Waited 15 minutes for 2 items. Same problem last year. Last time I will get our Thanksgiving food from WF

Fran says …

Hello, I absolutely love you store! Just a few days ago I tasted the mediterranean risotto, which was fabulous. Can you please add this recipe to your site? When browsing your recipes I noticed it was not there. Thank you!!