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Five Grilling Must-Haves


Grilling season is here! Before you go running for those long-handled tongs, we’ve got five things every grilling guy and gal needs to make the most of an afternoon over the coals.Grilling Guide

1. Fire – A heat technique reminder for those of us who haven’t started a fire since the last big snowfall: Charcoal grills provide a more distinctive "grilled" flavor and backyard smell, but can be messy and sometimes difficult to ignite. Gas grills ignite easily and maintain an even temperature from start to finish, but they’re more expensive and aren’t suited to burning wood chips. Choose which is best suited for you.

2. Quality protein – No doubt about it, the better the meat you start with, the better your grilled result.  Our high standards ensure great-tasting meat from healthy animals, and our partnerships with farmers and ranchers means there’s likely a local, grass-fed or organic cut at your neighborhood Whole Foods Market. Plus, we’ve got butchers in the house! Ask your butcher for advice and tips on the best cuts for grilling. If your preferred protein is of the meatless variety, we’ve got you covered there too: from tofu to tempeh, veggie dogs to veggie burgers. There’s room on our grill for everyone!

3. A beverage – Standing over a hot, smoky grill can work up a serious thirst. Our Summer Lemonade or Limeade recipe ensures tasty, organic refreshment for just 44 cents a serving! 

4. Tasty sides – Don’t forget all the yummy side-dishes that complement (and sometimes outshine!) the main event. From potato salads to deviled eggs and fun fruit salads, there’s plenty of room on that plate for a little variety.

5. Bug and sun care – One of the joys of grilling is being in the great outdoors! But while tender grilled meat is a goal, tender sunburned and bug-bitten skin is not. Choose bug and sun care with high standards and safe, effective ingredients. 

For more tips and ideas, our Guide to Grilling is an endless source of sizzling inspiration (seriously, this thing’s got everything: prepping and heating tips, green grilling ideas, food safety reminders, recipes, special methods and techniques...marinate in it!).

What are your grilling must-haves?

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Erin says …

The gas grill is indeed faster and easier, but wood fire or charcoal give off a much better taste, so when feeling lazy, I like to add some fragrant wood chips to my gas grill. Other must-haves while grilling in the hot Nevada sunshine are cold beer and a pair of dark shades!!

jay says …

I was told, upon moving to Texas, that it is illegal to grill out without a beer in your hand. I'm sure I'll never be arrested.

carmen says …

sorry but where would you put the wood chips....right on the grate?

Dee says …

Charcoal is our favorite. The taste is much better, in my family opinion. But you can't forget the kiddies, you need a pool and some fun backyard games while bbqing!! Have a safe and blessed "BBQing" summer!!

TXEdie says …

Thanks to the convenience of a gas grill, it is possible to get the delicious flavor of a grilled dinner by merely punching the "on" button to start the flame. Grilled hot dog? Hamburger? Chuck roast? Chicken legs/wings/breasts -- Just spray the grid and pop them on! A variety of buns, sauces and marinades from Whole Foods provides an individualized gourmet touch! The deli counter offers a variety of sides for individual tastes. Easy, easy, easy. Delicious, delicious, delicious. :-)

Joe says …

I love to cook fish on the gas grill. You get an even cook and no fish smell that lingers in your kitchen. Salmon and halibut are best on the grill.

John says …

Get a Traeger. Wood burning grill with the convenience of gas.

Rob says …

Must add sliced veggies to the grilling list, everything from tomatoes to zucchini, basted in lots if olive oil and balsamic vinegar - very delicious!

Jean says …

Erin...Where do you place the wood chips in your gas grill? I would like to try that. Thanks.....Jean

adam says …

Ive got an infrared grill.....essentially a gas grill with a metal panel so the gas flame doesnt directly cook the food. Theres room below for wood chips so I am still able to get that coal/wood taste!!! Cleanup is easy too..... just clean the grate like any grill, and the heat panel slides out and catches anything that fell through, so theres no heavy cleanup or crud like a wood/coal grill.

John says …

Jean Place wood chips, apple is my fav, in a wood chip holder below the cooking grid . Soak the chips for about 30 minutes for anything that will cook on grill for over 30 minutes otherwise put in dry chips

lucy says …

Shrimp Kabobs on the grill!! YUM!