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Get Snack-Happy and Win!

By Rebecca Joerres, August 23, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Rebecca Joerres
It’s back to school season and that means it’s time to get creative with afterschool snacks and lunches, and time to stock up on dorm room nosh. In the spirit of keeping our readers healthy, snack-happy and on-budget this school year, we’re giving 10 lucky winners each a set of snack-packing essentials and a $25 gift card from The Container Store, plus a $100 Whole Foods Market gift card to help keep you stocked up this fall. Just tell us about your favorite healthy snack in the comments below by September 6th and your comment might be randomly selected as a winner. Check out these snack-packing essentials you’ll find at The Container Store:

Insulated Lunch Carrier

Keep your food chilled while you’re on the go.

lunchskins Sandwich Bag

Replace those plastic sandwich bags with these reusable ones made from quick-drying, lightweight cotton fabric. BPA-free!

Colorful Klip-It Lunch Cube

Ingeniously arranged dividers keep a sandwich, chips and fruit tastefully compact and compartmentalized.

Klipo Cutlery Set

Say "so long" to disposable cutlery! Set includes two handles with interchangeable utensils – choose from chopsticks, a knife, for or spoon.

PeopleTowels Reusable Napkin

This earth-friendly napkin was designed to be easy to use and portable. It's absorbent, lightweight and fast drying — without the waste.

EZ Freeze Ice Block

Put it in the freezer overnight then add it to a lunch tote in the morning to keep food and beverages cool for hours.

Tellfresh Lunch Kits

Grab your lunch and go with these convenient Lunch Kits. Each kit comes with a fork that fits into an integrated storage slot in the lid.

Once you have your essential containers, try filling them with some of our favorite snacks (click on the image for the recipe):

Tell us about your favorite healthy snack in the comment section below by September 6th for a chance to win.




Linda B. says ...
air-popped popcorn and dried cherries
08/23/2011 3:15:27 PM CDT
Annie S. says ...
My favorite Snack: whatever veggie/fruit i feel like (apple, banana, celery, carrots, jicama, etc) drizzled with almond butter, shredded coconut, raw cacao powder and cinnamon. If i want to be fancy, I add some dried cherries, cranberries, mulberries or currants. Bring a napkin!
08/23/2011 3:30:06 PM CDT
Kristin says ...
I like to dip carrot sticks and bell pepper strips in Fat Free Italian dressing. And I found out yesterday that Wishbone has no high fructose corn syrup in their Italian dressing, so I switched brands!
08/23/2011 3:38:42 PM CDT
Bryan says ...
Cubed tofu with cayenne pepper
08/23/2011 3:58:22 PM CDT
Julia says ...
Whenever I eat dark leafy greens, I usually separate the leaf from the stem. So instead of throwing away the stem, I use them in my dips! From hummus to salsa, using the stems is much healthier than using chips or crackers! I also try to eat a handful of raw nuts and seeds with granola to satisfy my "crunchy" cravings. Sometimes I'll even add bits of dark chocolate to satisfy my chocolate addiction :)
08/23/2011 3:58:43 PM CDT
Brittany says ...
Carrot sticks dipped in hummus
08/23/2011 4:04:42 PM CDT
Rebecca Wheeler says ...
I chop up strawberries, watermelon, and throw in some blueberries and blackberries for fruit salad. It's hydrating and gives me a little pep without spoiling my next meal.
08/23/2011 4:06:36 PM CDT
Maggie says ...
I LOVE yumbutter peanut butter (local to Madison, WI) with celery sticks.
08/23/2011 4:12:51 PM CDT
Heather says ...
Plain old apples are my favorite
08/23/2011 4:33:26 PM CDT
Debbie Terry says ...
Little pita pizzas work for me. cheesy and hot and crunchy...and easy
08/23/2011 4:56:10 PM CDT
Elaine Bogen says ...
Cucumber thinly sliced, dipped in Goddess salad dressing.
08/23/2011 5:00:29 PM CDT
Jessica says ...
Portabella pizzas, best thing ever since going gluten free! Along with the mini ones, it's like bagel bites ha!
08/23/2011 5:22:19 PM CDT
JeanL says ...
Hummus and pita chips!
08/23/2011 5:23:09 PM CDT
Dave Schy says ...
http://www.newtaste.com/pbsnack.html I like to mix Peanut butter and applesauce together with a few peanuts and raisins. This concoction makes a great dip for apple slices and celery sticks. Also has much less fat that regular peanut butter.
08/23/2011 5:23:52 PM CDT
Taylor says ...
Dice up an apple and the throw about 10 red hot candies in with them. Microwave for fifteen seconds and enjoy a much healthier version of an apple pie! Fruit that will take care of your sweet tooth craving!
08/23/2011 5:27:35 PM CDT
Krista says ...
LOVE homemade granola! I take it everywhere! also a cheese stick :)
08/23/2011 5:42:00 PM CDT
Brian Lee says ...
fresh organic fruit like peach slices and blueberries!
08/23/2011 5:58:36 PM CDT
sandy says ...
A favorite dorm snack was yogurt covered pretzels, but now I am really liking the Essential Woman snack mix from bulk-- chocolate, goji berries, asst. nuts. It keeps me happy.
08/23/2011 6:17:05 PM CDT
Dee says ...
I love to snack on fresh vegetables with edamame hummus.
08/23/2011 6:22:10 PM CDT
Julia says ...
I get various nuts, dried fruits, granola, and chocolate dipped treats from the bulk bin aisle in my whole foods. When I get home I mix them all together for homemade trail mix. My current favorite is dried cherries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, ginger granola, and dark chocolate almonds. The combinations are endless and delicious!
08/23/2011 6:41:04 PM CDT
Orleana plytas says ...
For school lunches I like to send a little surprise like coring an apple and stuffing it with some fresh ground honey peanut butter in the center! It is so yummy and my son does not have a container to worry about or the apple core! Yum!
08/23/2011 6:50:49 PM CDT
Justin hicks says ...
I enjoy mixing my own trail mix from the WFM bulk bins and keeping it in a container at work to snack on with my vitamin water to keep me refreshed!
08/23/2011 6:54:08 PM CDT
Lorelei Cress says ...
I make a spread using cannellini beans, tomato basil cream cheese, grated parmesan, salt and pepper, mash them all together until creamy (a food processor would be easier!), spread it thinly on a whole wheat tortilla, roll it up tightly and cut it into one inch pinwheels. I also do a version with black beans, garden vegetable cream cheese and salsa. If I'm feeling naughty, I put a slice or two of avocado in the center. Delicious and healthy! Another yummy idea - spread peanut butter thinly on a whole wheat tortilla, then roll it around a whole banana and cut it into slices. Kids love it!
08/23/2011 7:03:47 PM CDT
Julie says ...
Definitely Greek yogurt with homemade jam. Filling, sweet, and healthy!
08/23/2011 7:06:07 PM CDT
Hannah says ...
My favorite after school snack is a Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly sandwich with a side of celery having Peanut Butter with it. It's a healthy and delicious sandwich that keeps kids brains focused even for the next morning.
08/23/2011 8:06:45 PM CDT