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The Gift Card that Keeps Giving, Automatically

Afraid of what your kids are eating at college? Want to give someone you love access to healthy food all year long? Check out this video and see why a Whole Foods Market auto-reload gift card could be your best investment, and then purchase a gift card and see for yourself. Plus, you’ll get a $10 bonus on your auto-load gift card when you purchase it using your American Express card and sign up for the $100 auto-schedule. On top of that, with every third auto-reload you’ll get an additional $5 added to the gift card. Check it out:
Who in your life could use an auto reload gift card?

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Aimee says …

"Afraid of what your kids are eating at college?" Ha, more like afraid of what I'M eating at college. Unfortunately, a gift card wouldn't work for me because my choices of where to eat are limited. I do my best to eat as healthy as I can on the college meal plan. At least my food is prepaid (as long as I eat somewhere on campus).

Chloe says …

This is a great idea and I would love it if my parents did this for me, but I doubt they would be on board for an auto reload anything. I think we both prefer that they simply send a check or slip me a 20 when they see me.

Robert says …

$5 every 3rd time? That is 1.6% back. I am thoroughly disappointed by this promotion. I would expect 5% back for this to be a worthy promotion