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Gluten-Free Italian Cornmeal Cake

Don’t let gluten worries get in the way of a cake craving! Here’s a tasty, moist cake made with cornmeal, ground almonds and a touch of orange. It’s elegant, yet simple to make. When gluten is not an option, how can you possibly indulge your desire for baking? Karen Morgan, the author of the acclaimed cookbook, Blackbird Bakery Gluten Free, and founder of Blackbird Bakery, takes you step-by-step through simple gluten-free recipes for popular baked goods. Join Karen in the kitchen and let her ease your fears and inspire your sweet fantasies. Got a question for Karen? Want to share your favorite gluten-free recipe and hear from others? Then join us tonight from 6 pm to 7 pm (CST) on Twitter as we discuss all things gluten-free with Karen Morgan. It's super easy to participate. Log on to Twitter and follow the hash tag #GlutenMorgan. You can ask her questions, share recipes, post food photos or just follow along as an observer. Tell us, what’s your go-to gluten-free dessert?

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Amy says …

Please include a written recipe so that we don't have to start/stop the video over and over.

jerri says …

My 13 yr old has been told to go gluten free because of Celiac Disease. What is the best way to give her a lunch to take to school. We bought a bread maker and has started making her own bread, but what is the best way to keep her gluten free at school. Thank you Jerri

says …

@Jerri A bread maker is a good start. Sounds like sending your gal to school with a prepackaged home-prepared lunch is going to be your best bet, along with keeping her educated about which foods her school cafeteria serves that are "Celiac friendly." Veggies and hummus are always a good bet! Our recipes section of the website offers extensive Gluten-free options for all occasions, even delicious dishes for your whole family. Hopefully, this will help set you at ease about this school year. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/search-results.php?specialDietTypeId=1

Jillian K says …

I agree the videos need to have a link to the recipe.

kristen says …

I would love to see a video or just a recipe for a European style GF bread~ something hearty and crusty. I hear in France they make one with Buckwheat, but can't find a similar recipe anywhere.