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Go Local with Hosea Rosenberg

Meet Hosea Rosenberg, Top Chef Season Five Winner, and find out why buying and eating local is important to him. And to us! Our history and reputation are intimately linked to our support of local farmers. Our search for produce begins right outside our front door in every community where we do business. We are committed to buying from local producers whose fruits and vegetables meet our high quality standards, particularly those who farm organically and are themselves dedicated to environmentally friendly, sustainable agriculture. And our Local Producer Loan Program (LPLP) provides up to $10 million in low-interest loans to small, local producers. Why? Because we believe in supporting local farmers and producers. We want to make it easier for them to grow their businesses and bring more local products to market. That’s good for us and it’s good for you. Local means miles closer, miles fresher, miles more delicious. What are some of your favorite local products in our stores this summer?

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lottie piwowarczyk says …

Buy local is better,taste freash ,easy to cook.Save money on buying local.

Susan says …

I thought Hosea's name was spelled with a J?

troy austin says …

I get organic berries from whole foods and often many of these berries go bad or are bad when I purchase them. Many of the berries in the store have already gone bad. Speaking of local couldn't Whole foods have rooftop gardens and have some really fresh berries and lettuce. Either open air or hydroponic. Let me know.