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The Good On Ya Bar

One of my favorite local products comes out of San Diego, California from a deli called “Good On Ya.”

The founder, Kristen Fillat, started Good On Ya after an 11-year stint on the United States National Field Hockey Team. As a former Olympic athlete, eating healthfully was a critical part of Kristen’s life and she wanted to share healthy, natural food with others.

She opened her first deli in 2001 and eventually expanded to three locations. Kristen and her team noticed that their customers were looking for a healthful take-away breakfast option, so they started carrying a variety of nutrition bars. But after finding themselves a little nonplussed with the available options and nutritional content, they decided to create their own organic breakfast bar.

Kristen and her team created a delicious product that follows a simple but profound motto: “Every Ingredient Matters.” This means that each ingredient included in their USDA certified organic bars serves a nutritional purpose. There are no fillers. It’s a protein bar, a fiber bar, a snack bar, an energy bar, a nutrition bar. It’s food!

Their customers loved the results, so Kristen approached Whole Foods Market in La Jolla and we now carry the bars in all of our stores in Southern California. We believe in this product so much that we also provided them a Local Producer Loan to help them start producing the bars in a more efficient, solar powered facility.

The Good On Ya Bar comes in three flavors and when you find out what’s in these bars, you’ll want one too!

The Breakfast Bar: this high fiber bar is packed with flax seeds, maple syrup, raisins, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, brazil nuts, chocolate, vanilla, olive oil and sea salt. Believe it or not, this amazing bar provides you with 28% of your recommended daily allowance of fiber and it tastes amazing.

Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate: Another high fiber bar, this one adds peanut butter made from Valencia peanuts, 70% dark chocolate and raw honey to flax, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, vanilla and salt. If you have a yearning for that classic peanut butter and chocolate combination, this is your bar.

Peanut Butter and Honey: This bar is for all you peanut butter lovers (and perfect for those who aren’t into chocolate). It combines Valencia peanut butter, raw honey, flax, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, vanilla and salt. A bit less fiber in this one (14% RDA) but still a good amount and oh so delicious. If you are lucky enough to live in Southern California where these bars are available in our stores, have you tried them yet?

Let us know what you think!

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Natalie says …

I love these bars and I live in Tennessee found them on the web and I am never without them. Please start carrying them in you other locations. Nashville Tennessee us a great place to start.

Kristen says …

Thanks guys. We are so lucky! We finally make our new bars in few days in the new place. Crazy excited and couldn't have done it without you!

stephanie haughey says …

I found out about this wonderful company and their bars in 2010 via my colleague Max Goldberg on his wonderful Blog LivingMaxwell." I can't wait to buy them at our SF WFM metro stores! I love them!

z says …

do you carry this item in your naples, fl store?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@Z - Our products vary from region and store location so I would suggest reaching out to the store to find out for sure! The number for the Naples, FL, store is 239.552.5100.

Cecilia says …

I have food allergies and the breakfast bar is the only one, from all I have tried in the US market, I am able to enjoy without having digestive problems. I love it!

Kristen says …

Cecilia....Thanks so much, I am SOOOO happy you are able to enjoy our bars! The body does best with real food for sure. I have a digestive related auto-immune disorder and I know the importance of eating real food. Where are you located? email me kristen@thegoodonyabar.com. I'd love to get you a little thank you!

Kristen says …

@Z.... use the coupon code "love" and it will get you free shipping!!! We aren't in FL yet but one day we will be! We are working hard! :):):)

Kristi Schott says …

I am a regular customer at Whole Foods in Sugar Land TX. I would like to say I like the "The Good on Ya Bar" "Super Hero" It is not one of your choices but I can have that one because it does not have flax in it. It is very good and would like to request the addition of Super Hero to the choices. Thank you for your great products!

shelby says …

I love these bars, especially the breakfast ones! Please make them an addition to my whole foods in Arlington, VA (Clarendon)!

Diane says …

I'm really glad I picked up a sample of your bar at the Tour dePier in Manhattan Beach. I'm a mother and my two son's and I are swimmers, ocean athletes, and Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguards. I'm constantly planning meals for home and "on the go" and like adding bars to our "on the go" meals, but the are usually filled with so many ingredients who's names I don't know. I like that Good on Ya bars are real food and taste great. Thank you!

Jon Jensen says …

The breakfast bar is really bad tasting.I've eaten about 10 and still not enjoying the taste.If I get some cheap,I'll try the Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate.Has to be better than the breakfast bar.

Daniela Witte says …

Please start carrying the Superhero bars at the Pittsburgh, PA location!