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Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine Dressing

Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine DressingNo Thanksgiving table is complete without some kind of green beans. Many people have a tried-and-true favorite way to eat green beans. We don’t want to knock tradition, but some of these old favorites often involve overcooking the beans and drowning them in various sauces. May we be so bold as to suggest mixing things up a bit this year and putting a fresh spin on green beans? Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine Dressing is a delicious, fresh and healthful way to enjoy green beans.

No holiday table is complete without green beans. This recipe is very simple, and quick, too! It’s not a casserole (ahem) so you won’t need to take up any oven space for this dish.  It features seasonal flavors such as Clementines and  pecans and at the same time classic flavors of the season, but in a fresher, less rich application. Citrus juice adds bright flavor and sweetness to a simple dressing. Nuts are a healthy fat, so you’re getting rich flavor without using added oils.

You can make this recipe in three simple steps: HSH

  1. Make a quick dressing of shallot, mustard and fresh Clementine juice in the blender.
  2. Steam your green beans until just tender. Put beans in a serving bowl and toss with dressing.
  3. Garnish with toasted chopped pecans and Clementine zest. Serve!

You’ll find the complete recipe, including specific measurements, on the Green Beans with Pecans and Clementine Dressing recipe page.

What are some other healthy ways you’ll be trying green beans this year?

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Amy says …

I am not a fan of the gb casserole (too old school and heavy), so I was looking for something different. This was just ok. The orange taste was very subtle. Nice for an everyday, but not dinner party level, though it looked pretty. I bought clementine tangerines (are these different?), but the dish seemed like it was missing something...maybe the fat? The dressing was very thin. I didn't know what a 'small' shallot was, so used 3/4 of what must have been a large one. It overwhelmed the citrus. I will be sure not to use too much shallot, and up the juice next time-- or even use the whole clementine (pureed in the vitamix) to thicken the dressing next time. Hope this helps you Thanksgiving cooks!

Jennifer is Always Sick says …

Hmmm....no, I think we will stick with the casserole, but I will hit up my local Whole Foods for some dairy free cream of mushroom and some french fried onions that don't have a "may contain milk" warning on them. Sorry, but green bean casserole is an old favorite of mine. It was the dish my mom brought to all the potlucks, and it's my husband's favorite side item. I don't think we could ever part with that one.

AnnaTaylor says …

I'll be giving this a try. Glad I found it, as I haven't had any Green-bean casserole in over 1 year, since being diagnosed (with Dairy allergy) after a severe allergy outbreak that went on for several months and then an Allergy Specialist performed a series of tests to Target my New allergies. Very exhausting and frustrating too. However, I am much better. Yea!