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Green Resolutions - Keep Them Growing!

In celebration of Earth Day 2009, we challenged our readers to make a simple green resolution, and boy did you deliver. Your overwhelming response was truly inspiring; thousands of you shared both green resolutions and tips on how to lead a cleaner, greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Your responses covered everything from biking to work to reducing water waste to composting to reusing shopping bags to teaching children and co-workers the importance of recycling. All of these simple changes added together can and will go a long way towards greening our planet. As promised, we randomly selected one of you as the winner of a FEED100 Bag and $25 gift card. And the winner is:
Kim Taylor Knight: I have been riding my bike to work for the past month, and I will continue, but my real earth day resolution, is to waste less and to compost all organic scaps for my garden this year. I am planting arugula, tomatoes and herbs for a start at becoming a more sustainable me!
Now that Earth Month is over, we’d love to hear your ideas on how to keep these green resolutions growing throughout the year. How could your resolutions help inspire and challenge other Whole Foods Market customers to make simple green changes in their own lives?

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rachel horwitz says …

In order to keep my life green, I recycle my green waste, and water lightly, plant hardy plants and keep the doors open as much as I can.

Vic says …

For us, this year has been all about water conservation, and in that light we've switched over to more environmentally sound detergents so that our gray water can be used to water our gardens. Our next goal is to install rain barrels off the gutters so that we can use that water, too, instead of letting it wash into the sewers. When we do use tap water for the gardens, we have a timer to prevent over-watering & waste, plus we use soaker hoses instead of sprinklers so the water we do use goes exactly where it's needed.

Elizabeth says …

Keeping the green resolutions growing, I am just trying to be more aware of my daily impact. When at work I am trying to write down important information rather than printing emails and when I must print things I use the 2-sided option. At home unavoidable plastic containers are getting multiple uses. Plus I have gotten really good at bringing my own bags to the grocery. Rather than purchasing the recycled bags every merchant seems to now carry, I am using duffel bags, canvas bags, etc. that we already have.