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Handheld Meals: Our Best Burgers, Sandwiches and Wraps

One of the great things about summer foods, at least at my house, is doing away with the forks and knives and going back to eating with our hands.

Summer just isn’t the same without melted ice cream or watermelon juices dribbling down your arm. With that in mind, I’ve gathered together some recipe hits to help take you from Memorial Day to Labor Day, no forks required.

The addition of apples can liven up meals for both the carnivore and herbivore alike. Try Apple and Cheddar Grass-Fed Beef Burgers or Apple and Tempeh Sandwiches.

If you’re looking for a new way to use sweet summer cherries, we’ve got you covered with our Big Blue Burgers with Cherry Mustard.

Keeping with the fruit theme, why not try a sweet-yet-savory topping for your burger? These Turkey Burgers with Cucumber-Pineapple Relish and Grilled Pork Burgers with Savory Pickled Peaches will hit all your taste buds.

If you’ve got extra mouths to feed, these Beef and Bulgur Burgers will help stretch your grocery dollars without skimping on flavor.

This Not-Tuna Salad is perfect for stuffing into a pita or layering with lettuce in a wrap.

Love beef but want to spice things up? Check out Banh Mi Grass-Fed Beef Burgers and Green Chile Cheddar Grass-Fed Beef Burgers.

Grilled Veggie and Goat Cheese Wraps and pitas are delicious served hot or cold, and feature one of summer’s favorites, eggplant.

For a twist on the classic gyro, try Spicy Lamb Burgers with Cucumber Raita.

Asian Salmon Burgers with Miso Ketchup and Cornmeal Crusted Halibut Fish Sandwiches are sure to please any fish lover.

What’s your favorite handheld meal? Let me know in the comments.

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laoei says …

Yea! I agree. too much meat. you need add more vegetables in yourrecipes.

chandra says …

Does anyone have a recipe for an oat burger? I had one at this health food restaurant in Midtown in Memphis, TN but now it's closed. I really want one so bad i can taste it!!!!!!!!

Susan says …

Yup - veggie is the way to go - thanks for the link, Megan!

Lanse says …

I am all for the meat. Bravo!

Sherry G says …

I have served the Roasted Veggie and Goat Cheese wraps to volunteers a couple of times. They were a HUGE hit, even with the omnivores.

micky says …

the thought of a lamb as a 'burger' is just so awful. thank you megan for the veggie site.

Megan says …

@Carolyn and others, here's a link to all <a href="http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/arsearch-results.php?TID=C0F7A5E0B4B5A543B620B861A070158B " rel="nofollow">our vegetarian burger recipes</a>!

Carolyn says …

Too heavy on the meat! How about recipes for veggie burger or black bean burger?

kirsten says …

keep up the meat and veggie recipes love em!!!!dont eat grain or beens!!!

Kory says …

I agree! Too much meat! Was hoping for some lighter veggie wraps, etc. Will check out the veggie link...