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Have Your Meat and Veggies Too

Wild Coho Salmon with Sunshine RicePeople are often surprised to find out that my family’s diet isn’t 100% plant-based. I hear, “I didn’t think you ate meat!” often. Although unprocessed plants such as vegetables, fruit, beans and legumes make up the majority of what we eat, we do still regularly enjoy meat and seafood with our vegetables. Instead of focusing on meat and seafood as the center of my plate, I love finding recipes that use them to complement vegetables, beans and whole grains. That way I can choose the highest quality meat and seafood for my family while staying well within my budget, plus this ensures that our plates (and bellies) are still filled up with plenty of plants.

Stir-fries are one of the simplest ways to let your meat and vegetables share the plate, and they’re one of my go-to dinner solutions. Don’t know how to transform the vegetables in the fridge into something everyone will devour? Just add garlic, ginger, your favorite seasonings or sauce to a pan full of vegetables with a bit of meat for flavoring and soon you will have created an aromatic delight that will look beautiful on the plate. Try Beef Stir-Fry with Bell Peppers, Carrots and Snow Peas and Pork Stir-Fry with Asparagus, Peppers and Green Onions.

Pork Stir-Fry with Asparagus, Peppers and Green Onions Bison Chili

Italian Chowder with Cod and Kale Chicken and Brown Rice Soup

Another easy way to have your meat and veggies is in soups and stews. Bison Chili, Italian Chowder with Cod and Kale, and Chicken and Brown Rice Soup are all kitchen classics that pair flavorful animal protein with nutrient-dense vegetables, making them delicious! Health Starts HereLooking for meat and seafood dishes that are perfect for the warmer months? Just as I celebrate summer’s arrival with peppers, tomatoes and melons, I welcome wild salmon season happily every year.

While grilling, poaching and oven roasting are wonderful ways to enjoy this buttery fish, I also love the ease of Wild Coho Salmon with Sunshine Rice. Made in one pot and baked with cauliflower (or broccoli) and rice, this versatile dish lends itself well to the addition of extra herbs and seasonings. For a wonderfully summery salmon also try the crowd-pleasing Baked Salmon with Spinach and Strawberry Salsa. Don’t forget, you can also combine cooked meat and seafood easily with any salad. Lemongrass Steamed Barramundi with a big beautiful salad topped with Lemon-Miso Dressing is a particularly good combination.

Baked Salmon with Spinach and Strawberry Salsa Lemongrass Steamed Barramundi

Lemon-Miso Dressing Cajun Grass-Fed Beef Skillet Supper

Choosing unprocessed, whole foods is a priority for me. I believe that these are the best ingredients for creating delicious and healthy meals for my family. Just as I want to make sure my vegetables are the freshest and most flavorful available, I also want my meat and seafood to be the best possible quality, raised and/or caught responsibly and consciously. Because of this, Cajun Grass-Fed Beef Skillet Supper, is one of my favorite recipes, plus it’s super easy and delicious enough to please even the most devoted meat lover.

What’s your favorite way to have your meat and veggies too?

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Mark Spencer says …

This makes me hungry! We don't sometimes combine the meat with veggies but we make sure that there is veggies or salad in the table.

Carmen says …

This is how I feed my family, as well. We do eat a little meat and fish, just so long as it is combined with veggies, whole grain pasta, or brown rice. Thanks for the yummy recipes!

Carrie Dennett says …

When I eat meat for lunch, it's almost always in a small portion as part of a huge mixed green salad. When we are in the mood to grill or roast some meat, our default is to serve it with a green salad and one or more cooked vegetables. We also do a lot of recipes where meat is a "condiment" (stir-fries, curries, soups).

Ray says …

I love meats, especially the fatty ones. It makes up a big portion of my diet, calories wise that is. I always have my meats with fresh/frozen steamed vegetables, or starchy tubers (always with lots of pasture butter). Nothing feels good than a 16 ounce 100% grassfed Rib Eye with a cup or two of organic Kabocha squash or steamed California blend vegetables.

John B says …

Raymond's comment above is the right idea: meats and fish with plenty of veggies. See thedouglassreport.com and thedietsolutionprogram.com.

Haydee says …

I lost my taste for meat. I have a daughter who stopped eating meat 6 years ago so i have to cook without meat most of the time. I'm glad i did. I am having trouble digesting certain foods lately. We consume lots of veggies, and other types of protein and the good carbs(whole grain)