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Healthy Cooking Techniques: Toasting

Watch Healthy Eating Chef Chad Sarno demonstrate how quick and easy it is to toast ingredients in a skillet. Toasting brings out the natural oils and enriches the flavor of nuts and seeds, making them even better when tossed in a salad or used as a garnish.

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Cherie says …

I have a bag of millet that recommends it be toasted. It also says it should be WASHED first. Can such grains be washed and then toasted? Thanks!

Bepkom says …

@Cherie: They sure can! Just give the rinsed grains a bit of time to dry before toasting them.

Farah says …

Great! Thank you. Would this work for toasting grains?

Samantha Sophia says …

Great idea, I am going to try this!

ivey says …

i love whole foods & i love nuts & seeds *especially in salads*