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Healthy Tip: Eating on the Holiday Go

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, we’ve gathered our best tips for a 3-part “Eating on the Holiday Go” series. It’s a darn shame, but most airports, train stations and roadside stops offer little more than the standard American junk food fare. The good news is you can bring your own food, and it doesn’t have to be complicated! We’ve covered plane and train travel and car trip food, and now it’s time for what you eat at your final destination. It’s hard enough to stay on track with health and fitness while traveling, but when it comes to staying with relatives or friends, it can be a double whammy of a challenge! We’ve all been there — even with the best of intentions, we may find ourselves dining with others who mean well but may not be as conscious about good food choices as we would hope. Here are a few suggestions that may help:
  • Bring along healthy foods as gifts. This doesn’t have to be just healthy cookies and treats. You can also bring along healthy main dishes, dips, cheeses, veggies, etc. If possible, stop at a store close to your destination to pick up a few (healthy) items to present to your hosts. Fruit platters, vegetable platters, fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce, cut up veggies and healthy dips such as bean dip or hummus are good places to start.
  • Offer to help in the preparation of meals, or give your hosts a break and cook a meal for them!
  • Do a bit of the grocery shopping to help out. Scope it out in advance to locate the closest natural food store. (You can search for us locally.)
  • Remember, if you find yourself at a conventional grocery store, shop the perimeter of the store as much as possible. Look for whole grain breads, fresh veggies and fruits, canned legumes with no additives, and whole grains such as brown rice and old fashioned oatmeal.
  • If faced with a less-than-optimal meal prepared by others, load up on raw salad, veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins as much as possible. Skip the salad dressing, and ask your hosts for some olive oil and lemon or vinegar.
  • Pack an assortment of fruit bars, nut bars and protein bars and keep them handy in your room for a healthy snack/replacement meal.
  • To keep yourself sane, try to get enough sleep at night, and remain active during the day. Walking or other forms of exercise are a must while on vacation. In fact, a brisk walk in crisp cool air can do wonders to regenerate a sluggish body — invite your hosts to join you!
  • Do your best to start your day with a healthy breakfast. My favorites include oatmeal, nuts, eggs, fresh fruit and yogurt. If you know you aren’t likely to get healthy fair the rest of the day, a good breakfast can set you up for a better outcome.
  • Be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking enough pure water. Be moderate with the alcohol, and if you take supplements of vitamins, minerals or herbs, don’t forget to bring them along for the journey.
Remember, everybody wants (and deserves) a break over the holidays. For most of us, that means not worrying too much about what to eat. We offer these suggestions not to steer you away from enjoying yourself, but rather as a way for you to maintain your energy and to feel well during your holiday. Got some favorite healthy foods you like to bring along to friends and family at holiday time? Let us know!

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Amy says …

homemade granola with almonds and walnuts...an orange...hard boiled eggs, and pepper sticks

Lyn says …

I love Whole Foods so much that I have to have to visit the store weekly, usually on Sat. or Sun, sometimes both days! I was sitting here with a boat load of work to do (on vacation next week) and I had a craving for the redskinned potato salad and a ham sandwich from Whole Foods. But actually I could go for the general tso's chicken on fried rice; or the broccoli and beef on rice. Sometimes my husband and I have breakfast there on Sat. mornings,coffee, reading the paper- wonderful. My grand daugther loves the Whoopi Pies and we both are crazy about the chocolate pudding. Yes, we buy a lot of healthy foods and wine there also. Did I say the service is awesome? It really is. One Sunday there were no whoopi pies on the shelf and the associate in the bakery went in the back and got one for my grand daughter. How special??? Ok, back to work. Maybe I will stop by after work. I live a lot closer to the Short Pump, Va store than I work so I'm unable to go there during the day. However; on Sunday's sometimes I pick up my lunch for Monday there. Happy Holidays!!!

Brenda says …

My family loves to road trip. We are RV-ers! My kids say the best part of the road trip are the snacks we take and make. I like to rethink "fast food". Rotisserie chicken and bag salad is just as fast as McDoom. At resturants, we try to set the standard for our family. Kids don't get fries and nuggets.... period. Oh and BTW... last time I was out in LA I checked out thier big "health food store". Boy was I disappointed!! LOL. I don't know what the fuss is all about. They are NOT as cool as Whole Foods.

Nigareb says …

Thanks for the post :)

domki drewniane says …

Awesome thing. We'll see how this will work.

Darrence says …

Knocked my socks off with knolegwde!