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Herbie Hancock Inspires a Collective Spirit

Thanks to Jimmy Dunne, President of Inspire — a music and branding company partnering on music initiatives with Whole Foods Market — for providing this blog post. This month, we’re celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of multi-Grammy-winning jazz legend, Herbie Hancock.  His brilliant new collaborative album, The Imagine Project, can be found at Whole Foods Market stores across the nation. The Imagine Project embodies the unifying power of music— Herbie Hancock travelled around the world to record with the best musicians on the planet, seeking out a central musical “language” that connects us all.  He immersed himself in the sounds, tastes, colors and spirit of the native lands of many of the Imagine Project musicians — recording in places like Mumbai, Paris, London and Sao Paulo. Need I mention that The Imagine Project boasts an all-star cast?  With the significant purpose of this album, it’s no surprise that we hear the voices of Dave Matthews, John Legend, Seal, Pink, The Chieftains, Wayne Shorter, James Morrison, Lisa Hannigan, Juanes, K’ Naan, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Ceu, Los Lobos, Anoushka Shankar, K.S. Chitra and many more.  However, what’s more impressive is Herbie Hancock’s vision— a message of hope, celebrating diversity. His interpretation is profound: Herbie Hancock translates the diverse sounds of his collaborators into one fluid, communicative work, interweaving sounds from around the world both within single tracks and spanning across the 10-track album.  The aptly-selected title track, John Lennon’s “Imagine,” leaps from a studio in Paris with Pink and Seal into the heart of the Congo with the percussive traditional group, Konono N°1, collides with the complex textures of legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, and soars with the brilliant voices of R&B singer India Arie and Oumou Sangare.  Heralding in John Lennon’s audacious vision, The Imagine Project journeys through jazz, fusion, latin, celtic, folk, funk, soul, afro-pop, eastern and swampy southern gospel-infused rock, intermingling genres over the mostly classic songs — like “Don’t Give Up” and “A Change Is Gonna Come”— as if to tell us that the song is the medium for us all to come together.  He says it best: “My hope is that the music will serve as a metaphor for the actions taken by the inhabitants of this wonderful planet, as a call for world harmony on all levels.” May we all realize the unifying, inspiring power of music — a force that extends beyond generations and cultures, connecting us all.  As the final track on The Imagine Project boldly states, “The Song Goes On, Beautiful.” Herbie Hancock turns 70 this year.  We applaud his visionary artistry and his bright, peacemaking spirit.  Join the celebration! Photo credits: Douglas Kirkland For more info on Herbie Hancock, please visit his web site. Jimmy Dunne is President of Inspire and a Grammy-nominated songwriter, TV and film composer, and television writer and producer; with songs that have been recorded on 27,000,000 records worldwide and garnered a number of CMA, ACMA, Juno, and BMI and ASCAP songwriter awards and multi-platinum Billboard recognitions.

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Miss Marlene C. Peebles says …

I was unceremoniously trippin' my way through Florida back in 1996- when I was in West Palm Beach I believe- was checking on the goings on at the Kravitz Center- when a lady said I have an extra ticket- her husband couldn't make it- so in I go to listen to The Atlanta Symphony!... during intermission as I was looking through the program saw a wonderful local bank ad- Imagine!... coupled with the fact that I had been brewing from hearing the an NPR report on homeless children in America- the millions and with hopefully two parents to take care of them etc- that meant tens of millions at risk- I couldn't Imagine not being at home when I was young- the warmth of hot/not breakfasts before beginning the day- coming home to mom and dad as well as the rest of the family- having a pet around-smome place for extended family to visit- so the next day I sought out the bank with a proposal with a bold amount- so straightforward-really- utilizing people and places some currently in the business/habit of caring- I remember the two people in the boardroom- one man stood... we don't have enough for this right now...but- in the future- anyway the John Lennon words were/are profound from just one man... hope to purchase the album- if I'm 44- I guess Herbie must be 70 by now- wow!... Jehovah God & His Son Jesus be with y'all!...