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Hot Spots, Cool Nightlife

Traveling on vacation this summer? We want to go with you! Or maybe just find us when you get there. Many of our stores are around the corner from some of your favorite summer destinations. We’ve been blogging about stores located near vacation destinations like historical landmarks, beaches, artsy and adventurous escapades, festivals and more. This time we tackle hot cities with cool nightlife. Who’s ready for some hot fun in the summertime? A city can look and feel one way by the light of day, but when the sun goes down, everything changes. Once the everyday hustle and bustle winds down, some cities are quiet and reflective … but for some cities, that’s when the fun begins! Here are some places that we love for their nightlife scenes (including my home base of Austin!). Do you love the nightlife; love to boogie? Don’t forget to check out our store list to find the store closest to you before you turn into a creature of the night! New Orleans New Orleans is as much soulful spirit as it is a city. Part mystery, part charm, part, well, party — NOLA is where you can get your hot thrills and cool chills. A city with plenty of history and ghostly haunts, you can take vampire, voodoo and cemetery tours to explore ornate tombs and see some of the sights that have inspired so many fantastical works of fiction. If you’re into jazz, head to Preservation Hall (open nightly from 8 to 11 p.m.), a sanctuary created in 1961 to protect and honor the style and tradition of New Orleans Jazz. As night falls, the Creole Queen sets off into the Port of New Orleans on a dinner paddleboat cruise to the soundtrack of an onboard jazz band. No matter what your night’s activities hold, you can stop by the Café Du Monde the next morning (or even that night; the French Quarter location is open 24 hours) for delicious beignets and café au lait. Local Whole Foods Markets: Arabella Station, Veterans

Santa Fe

After spending a hot day in Santa Fe, it’s nice to kick back and relax when the sun goes down. Not a city with a typical party atmosphere, Santa Fe has a true appreciation of the arts and has hidden gems tucked into its beautiful southwestern scenery. The Center for Contemporary Arts houses Cinematheque, a theater celebrating thought-provoking movies so you can chill out while expanding your imagination. On Sunday and Tuesday evenings, join Santa Fe International Folk Dance and learn dance steps stemming from all over the globe. For a free-form dance experience, visit Embodydance Santa Fe in the Railyard Performance Center to join a group that participates in sacred and transformative dance. If you prefer a quieter journey that allows you to step back in time for an hour, join a silent nightwalk around the Bandelier National Monument. Local Whole Foods Market: Santa Fe, St. Francis

Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! It’s no secret that Vegas loves glitz and glamour and there’s nothing that showcases that better than seeing sparkly Vegas showgirls perform at Jubilee! or get wowed by Penn & Teller’s rule-breaking magic. Las Vegas has never forgotten the King and you can catch a tribute to him in “Viva Elvis” and even participate in one of those infamous weddings officiated by “Elvis” at Graceland Chapel. Your trip to Vegas won’t be complete unless you stop by the Fountains of Bellagio for a spectacular water and light show set to music. And before you leave the strip, see it from above during a helicopter tour for a memorable goodbye — surely not everything has to stay in Vegas! Local Whole Foods Markets: Las Vegas Blvd, Fort Apache, Tenaya


Okay, I can’t help my bias here. I love Austin. It’s where I live and work (Austin is where Whole Foods Market began!) and one of my favorite things about this city is that any given time of night there’s a musician playing for an audience (Austin is often called “The Live Music Capital of the World”), a film being shot, a margarita being poured or a delicious breakfast taco being consumed. We celebrate honky tonk and hanging out on patios — no amount of heat can keep us from shooting the breeze on a good patio, especially ones that allow our pups! Grab a bite from one of hundreds of food trailers (how they manage to create such fantastic food from tiny spaces is still so incredible to me) and as the sun sets, watch the swarm of bats cascade out from underneath the Congress Ave bridge. Chill out with a dip in Barton Springs, a pool supplied with 68°F spring water, or crack up in Alamo Drafthouse while you watch Master Pancake mock the best worst movies. Local Whole Foods Markets: Lamar, Gateway A little glitz, a little mystery, a little artsy and lots of fun — we like these destinations for their cool activities once the sun goes down but we know we didn’t get to all of them. What are your favorite nighttime activities in New Orleans, Santa Fe, Las Vegas and Austin?

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Alice LeGall says …

San Diego, California Hillcrest Store. The heart of San Diego and Comic Con, The GasLamp, Little Italy, Sea World, and much more. All by my favorite Store Whole Foods Hillcrest.

karen @ Pledging for Change says …

what a great idea to promote the local health food stores and markets to people who vacationing where the night life and the buzz is. Might be an idea to team up with the venues and see if they want to put a little ad on the back of their tickets or promotional leaflets that they leave in hotel rooms etc and vice versa. Saves on printing costs for both parties :-) Kudos...

Rahul Shariff says …

Each city has a number of cool spots that you can have fun and Las Vegas rocks.

nancy says …

Do you have any recommendations and stores in Washington DC?

Bobby H says …

@Nancy: We have several stores in the areas surrounding Washington, D.C. In fact, there’s another article that highlights fun things to do there during the summer months. Find it by clicking here: http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/2011/07/attention-history-buffs/

Jody Hobson Smith says …

The only fourteener in Colorado that you can drive up or take a train to the top is in COLORADO SPRINGS,CO! Come visit this beautiful city with so many historical and outdoor activities to enjoy! Just a few: The Air Force Academy, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, or play golf at The Broadmoor Resort(home of the 2011 US Women's Open), and hike the many trails surrounding the city! But, the place to shop for healthy food and have lunch is WHOLE FOODS on Academy Ave. Go by for a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast before setting out to see the sights of Colorado Springs.

Allyx says …

Santa Fe is always a great choice for a visit.

Ron Vales says …

Any plans for a Wholefoods in Orange County NY?