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Candace says ...
My favorite is a Veggie Dog topped with coleslaw, baked beans, and a river of mustard. If there are no Veggie Dogs on the grill, a bun stuffed with just the 3 toppings often provides an acceptable counterfeit.
05/24/2010 2:15:42 PM CDT
pat Nizynski says ...
I top my Dog with Whole Foods peanut butter!!
05/24/2010 4:42:14 PM CDT
Nicole says ...
Garlic hummus spread on the bun, watercress, alfalfa sprouts and low-fat tzatziki drizzled on top! :3
05/24/2010 4:57:57 PM CDT
Pat Clark says ...
i remember a special treat as a kid was a foot long hot dog from a drive in restaurant with a delicious mixed topping. When I want a special treat this is the best, a mix of finely chopped celery, onion and tomato.
05/24/2010 9:28:06 PM CDT
Kimberly says ...
These days, it's just extra mustard on my dog... but I used to like it with mayo!
05/25/2010 12:34:43 AM CDT
Ann Jacobson says ...
Nothing better than a hot dog with KETCHUP, Spicy brown mustard, chopped sweet onion, a dill pickle spear, raw jalapeno slices, shredded sharp cheddar, roma tomato slices, and some salt and pepper! I just have to say that a toasted sesame seed bun brings it home!
05/25/2010 9:57:56 AM CDT
Karen Parsons says ...
How do I top my Dog? I love good old ketchup and mustard. Yum!
05/25/2010 10:08:35 AM CDT
Leigh says ...
I call this The Tom Special - my dad (Tom) always made my dogs for me this way growing up, and it's still the best: mix together: chopped celery leaves (yes, the leaves on top of the celery), green onion, hot banana pepper rings, and italian salad dressing. top dog with mustard (plain or dijon depending on mood), and above mixture. Combo is delish!
05/25/2010 12:52:12 PM CDT
Gina Scoglio says ...
Yellow mustard, sweet relish, raw onions, sauerkraut. I also like Chicago style. Never Never ketchup.
05/25/2010 1:23:56 PM CDT
Clayton D says ...
My dog is generally topped with sliced tomatoes and onions with some mustard and at times catsup and relish or pickles. Crazy times call for crunchy or grilled onions or perhaps some beans or chili. The other hand has something fizzy in it.
05/25/2010 10:42:14 PM CDT
reuven says ...
Sorry but Whole Foods doesn't carry kosher hot dogs and the all beef dogs are held together by pork casing.
05/26/2010 1:49:37 PM CDT
Beverly says ...
Mustard and raw onions!!!
05/21/2011 6:04:06 PM CDT
Robin Sauer says ...
Can you get pretzel hot dog buns at this store?
09/29/2015 2:57:02 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@ROBIN - Most of our stores will carry pretzel buns but it can differ between locations. Check with your local store to see if they have these in stock!
09/30/2015 2:08:48 PM CDT