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iPhone App Guides a Mission to Health

By Rebecca Joerres, August 20, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Rebecca Joerres
Are you ready to try a range of nutrient dense foods, form some new healthy habits and have fun doing it? As a part of our ongoing mission to promote wellness and encourage healthier lifestyles, our new iPhone app - Whole Foods Market "Missions" - will help you eat better and live better. Shoppers often come to us for advice on how to take charge of their health, so we created an app to help customers incorporate healthy foods, exercise and more through simple, everyday actions. Our app revolves around 70+ challenges known as Missions, where you engage in a series of steps to earn badges and bragging rights. You can create your own profile to track the badges you earn and then broadcast your accomplishments directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, and email. In addition to challenging you to earn badges like Organic Avenger, Local Yokel and Nutty Ninja, the "Missions" app also provides a database of more than 300 tips to help you succeed. Tips include advice on nutrition, food selection, storage, cooking and more. You can save your favorites for future reference, and share them with your social network. Our Missions app also includes a store locator, which works just like the Whole Foods Market Recipes app, which we launched a little over a year ago. Whole Foods Market's "Missions" app is available for free from Apple's App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at itunes.com/appstore. For more information please visit the iPhone app page on our website. Tell us what you think of our new app in the comment section below, or write a review in the iTunes store!
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screwdestiny says ...
Oh, this app looks great! Will be getting it soon. :)
08/20/2010 2:57:52 PM CDT
Shannon says ...
Will their be an android app available?
08/20/2010 3:30:55 PM CDT
Erin says ...
What about the android? I would download this immediately if it was on the android market!
08/20/2010 10:33:33 PM CDT
Michelle says ...
Looking forward to this app... on Android :)
08/21/2010 8:46:44 AM CDT
Steph says ...
PLEASE create this app and the Recipe's app for Android!! I would love it!!!
08/21/2010 8:06:40 PM CDT
Angela Branon says ...
Are you planning on doing an app for Android phones?
08/25/2010 9:04:04 PM CDT
Mary says ...
NEED ANDROID APP PLEASE!!! This looks awesome but I can't use it.
08/26/2010 8:05:39 AM CDT
Allison B says ...
Thanks for your enthusiasm! We've let our devlopers know of the interest in an Android app.
08/26/2010 1:42:12 PM CDT
Hadessa Plummer says ...
Coupons should be available via iphone, so paper isn't wasted to print.
09/06/2010 12:22:28 PM CDT
amanda says ...
NEED ANDROID APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking forward to this but went with a droid rather than an iphone. so disappointed there is no app for the droid.
10/02/2010 1:16:46 PM CDT
marcia says ...
Looking forward to the Android app...loved it on my iTouch but now I need it on my Droid!
10/06/2010 7:07:59 PM CDT
whollyfool says ...
Hey guys, what's the status on getting a WholeFoods Android app? The last update was in August. Have the developers started on it? Are they planning anything for the legion of Android users out there? It's starting to feel suspiciously... partisan.
11/11/2010 6:28:46 PM CST
Eggo says ...
Just adding my plea for this app to become available on android. Pretty pretty please! There's a huge demand for it!
11/01/2010 6:14:57 PM CDT
Cindy says ...
I just got an android. I'm a huge Wholefoods fan. Looking forward to android app. Thanks
11/15/2010 2:23:12 PM CST
Ceres says ...
Where is the Android app?
01/18/2011 6:43:38 PM CST
mykidnogluten says ...
4 months later ... did you ever build and offer the healthy learning and planning apps for the Droid that you already offet for the I-phone? Still waiting (expectantly?!??). Is it time to give up hope?
01/12/2011 12:02:32 PM CST
Scooterch says ...
Adding my vote for an android app please.
01/25/2011 8:19:42 AM CST
tonya says ...
I 15th the request for an Android app!
02/27/2011 3:39:57 PM CST
DR says ...
I too am waiting on the Android app..when is it coming?
03/02/2011 2:19:32 PM CST
m smith says ...
Like others on the thread, I'm so disappointed there's no android app - you're overlooking a ton of people!
02/08/2011 4:07:44 PM CST
matthorr says ...
Are there any updates on Android apps from Whole Foods?
03/25/2011 6:43:57 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Matthorr: Not quite yet, but stay tuned!
03/25/2011 8:16:26 AM CDT
Betty Newell says ...
Also awaiting Android App!
04/18/2011 9:58:30 AM CDT
Elmer says ...
Throwing in my vote for an Android app.
05/09/2011 8:40:44 PM CDT
Android_user says ...
Hi! Would it be possible to get this app for Android? Please? Android users also love WholeFoods, and we don't want to be left out in the cold. Please?????
08/23/2011 10:28:18 AM CDT