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It's Week 2 of the 28-Day Challenge

If you started the Health Starts Here® 28-Day Challenge with us last week, you’ve got seven days of healthy eating behind you — and you’re no doubt looking for an encore. We’ve got fresh suggestions to serve as guideposts on your journey to incorporating more whole foods, healthy fats and nutrient-dense foods into your diet.

And if you’re just starting the challenge this week, be sure to read our week-1 post.

At Whole Foods Market®, we believe making just a few simple changes can really add up. Here are a few easy and effective things you can do to stay on the path to good health.

1. Stock a healthier pantry.

2.  Get familiar with cooking methods for healthy eating.

3. Incorporate greens into your morning routine.

4. Master a few quick and simple recipes.

Ready for more? Find inspiration in these simple changes for maintaining health and wellness.

Now, if you’ve been with us since last week, you’ve probably perused the menu plans. If you’re new to the challenge, be sure to check them out.

Based on our four pillars of healthy eating, we’ve created free weekly menu plans, assembled cooking tips and videos, and put together a four-week newsletter series designed to support you as you travel the path to better health.

Each of the weekly meal plans focuses on plant-based, nutrient-dense whole foods and healthy fats. You’ll find a delicious array of hearty breakfasts like:


Plus healthy recipes for dinners and packable lunches!

So tell us, are you doing the challenge? How’s it going so far?

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Lisa says …

I can't believe week 1 passed so quickly and I survived so easily without ANY refined sugar or processed foods! I found a baked apple with cinnamon really helped to satisfy my craving for sweets. I am ready and looking forward to week 2!

Alex says …

As a college student I find it very hard to grocery shop “efficiently.” Often times when I go to the store, I find myself going down the aisles saying, “oo this sounds good” or “I’ll take some of that.” When I finally get home and unload the groceries I realize I have bought nothing of substance. I have found he link to “stocking a healthier pantry” to be very useful. It has completely changed the way I shop. Along with that, the link “master a few quick recipes” has made my life so much easier. Now I can cook real means without slaving in the kitchen for hours. Thanks Whole Foods!

Danielle Mendicino says …

I’m a Senior at Tulane University, and I’m just checking out the Whole Foods blog for the first time. This is a great idea. I’m really thinking about starting the challenge. I’m taking a social media class, and I just wanted to comment on how great this blog post is—content wise. Excellent tips and making it a challenge helps readers to engage. -Danielle Mendicino (Tulane University)

Mary Harris says …

I would like the challenge menus if possible

Lara Taback says …

I just came across your 28 day challenge on the blog and wanted to follow the meal plan this month. Could you post a PDF of the full meal plan or email it to me separately? Thank you