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Tree Fitz says ...
My family loves smoothies. Here is my best smoothie trick: peel bananas, break them in half and freeze them. When you add a frozen banana to a smoothie, the smoothie acquires the texture of a milk shake . . . with no dairy. Yes, frozen berries also add a nice texture but we drink dairy-freeze smoothies. You can add whole bananas, instead of halves, of course, but I have diabetes and need to count my carbs. A protein powder shake, with half a frozen bananas, all the frozen berries I want and water . . . a healthy (for my diabetes) breakfast. I remind everyone that they can add all kinds of other nutrition: such as psylium husk. Diabetics need fiber, just like everyone else, but most fiber is accompanied by carbs that will spike blood sugar. You can also add green powders but I love a pretty blue or pretty pink shake.
08/23/2009 3:45:41 PM CDT
Dipa says ...
There is a great book called What?! No Meat?! What to do When Your Kid Becomes a Vegetarian and it has a whole section on packing healthy vegetarian lunches. My kids love the recipes!!
08/23/2009 10:18:45 PM CDT
Marleen Folgo says ...
I have a 6 year old grandaughter, and she is eating too many processed foods, as both parents work, and she is in first grade, no time at night to fix dinners, please help, how can they fix healthy foods for her? We eat all whole foods hormone free, no antibiotics at my house, I raised her on organic baby food, but now that she is older, it is difficult. I started her on Spectrums Strawberry-Banana Fish oil capsules and she loves them, help her in school. Worried Grandma
08/24/2009 2:05:36 PM CDT
Karen says ...
My 7-year-old daughter gets stuck in ruts for lunch - she wanted PB&J and baby carrots (no dip) every day for lunch last school year, we use the great whole grain bread and the sugarless Peanut Butter, and she will only eat Cascadian Farm's Concord Grape fruit spread. I could send various things like yogurt, Veggie Booty or pretzels, but she didn't want any fruit. Then she went to a peanut-free summer camp. We got very creative and she enjoyed helping me make a big salad every day with her choice of garden-fresh veggies and herbs, fresh fruits (yea!), and always with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Plus she wanted yogurt every day. She generally wants the same thing over and over for months, then we have to figure out what the new phase will be. Probably be back on PB&J for the school year. She loves chicken legs (among many other things, thankfully) for dinner, and a great, fat-free way to cook them is to put a quarter- to a half-inch of water in a pan, bring to a boil, then fit in as many chicken legs as will lie flat, completely cover them each with a dash of hot sauce (not Tobasco - something with some flavor), fresh chopped or sliced garlic, and lots of fresh basil leaves (Any fresh herb or combination will do, as long as it is covered well. If you use herbs with small leaves, you may want to roll the chicken legs in them). Cover, steam for 20-25 minutes, tah-dah! The flavor is amazing! (My dog likes the leftover juice poured over her food.) A friend introduced me to this method of cooking using turkey thighs. It works great on a pork loin - the basil leaves keep in the moisture. Thanks, enjoy!
08/25/2009 8:49:22 AM CDT
Andrea says ...
Uhhhh....McDonalds. That's only if we are lucky enough to afford it! Looking for cheap healthy meals to make! I have varius helth issues such as ph imbalances and I eat a ton of fage yogurt. I am looking for recipies with minimal meat and dairy as I also have acid reflux. I have decided after my health problems inccluding cronic fatigue syndrome that I need to teach my kids better then my mom taught me! She pretty much raised me on frozen pizzas, fast food on a daily basis, ice cream, cookies, and taught me to LOAD up on the mayo! I must not let my kids carry these habbits into thier adulthood and blame me! My non always smoked around us as well and smoked even while she was pregnant! My 3 toddlers and I could use all the help we can get! Thank You in advance!
09/28/2009 1:44:07 AM CDT