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Tree Fitz says ...
My family loves smoothies. Here is my best smoothie trick: peel bananas, break them in half and freeze them. When you add a frozen banana to a smoothie, the smoothie acquires the texture of a milk shake . . . with no dairy. Yes, frozen berries also add a nice texture but we drink dairy-freeze smoothies. You can add whole bananas, instead of halves, of course, but I have diabetes and need to count my carbs. A protein powder shake, with half a frozen bananas, all the frozen berries I want and water . . . a healthy (for my diabetes) breakfast. I remind everyone that they can add all kinds of other nutrition: such as psylium husk. Diabetics need fiber, just like everyone else, but most fiber is accompanied by carbs that will spike blood sugar. You can also add green powders but I love a pretty blue or pretty pink shake.
08/23/2009 3:45:41 PM CDT
Andrea Stripling says ...
my boys have always come home from school hungry. Snacks can range from apples and bananas, popcorn, carrots and cucumbers dipped in ranch dressing; cheese quesadillas; or the stand by peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
08/19/2009 8:16:11 PM CDT
Chelle says ...
Faves in our house include spaghetti with turkey meatballs, spinach quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas, any homemade soup with bread is usually a big hit. I have a 7 year old who just loves to eat!
08/20/2009 3:22:59 PM CDT
Steve says ...
@gina: one of the easiest and longest lasting dishes our family makes! - 3 cups short grain white rice (rinsed) - 3 1/2 cups water - Cook to boil, then simmer until water is gone - Rice Wine Vinegar and Sugar, heated (not boiled), poured into finished rice Done! Spread rice on nori sheets, add avocado, salmon, anything... roll up with your hands... EAT!
08/20/2009 5:33:27 PM CDT
Andrea says ...
Uhhhh....McDonalds. That's only if we are lucky enough to afford it! Looking for cheap healthy meals to make! I have varius helth issues such as ph imbalances and I eat a ton of fage yogurt. I am looking for recipies with minimal meat and dairy as I also have acid reflux. I have decided after my health problems inccluding cronic fatigue syndrome that I need to teach my kids better then my mom taught me! She pretty much raised me on frozen pizzas, fast food on a daily basis, ice cream, cookies, and taught me to LOAD up on the mayo! I must not let my kids carry these habbits into thier adulthood and blame me! My non always smoked around us as well and smoked even while she was pregnant! My 3 toddlers and I could use all the help we can get! Thank You in advance!
09/28/2009 1:44:07 AM CDT