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Last Chance for a Healthy Pantry Makeover

It’s never too late to commit to healthy eating, but time’s running out to win a $99 pantry makeover. It’s simple. Just enter a comment on our contest blog post (not this post) by January 31st saying what healthy eating changes you plan to make in 2011. Eating healthy can be done on a budget, and we’re going to show ten winners how. Each winner will receive a $99 gift card, a list of suggested products for stocking a healthier pantry, and will be put in touch with one of our Healthy Eating Specialists. Our Healthy Eating Specialists are available to any of our customers and are well versed in our Health Starts Here™ program and can help guide a shopping trip, suggest recipes and give cooking tips, or simply answer your questions about making healthier choices when it comes to food. Need some inspiration? Here’s what one reader had to say:

I need to learn to eat healthy. Both sides of my family are plagued with bad health from diabetes to cancer to heart disease, I suffered from childhood cancer as well, and have never learned to eat in a healthy way. When I was in the hospital I ate what the hospital gave me, but once I was back home I was eating what my family made me, fat unhealthy food. I have never eaten healthy and always thought I would have time to learn. I am now 32 and it is time to get serous, I don’t want to die prematurely, or suffer from health problems for the rest of my life, so as of January 1st, 2011 I am on a mission of health and learning. I need to learn how to shop, what is the right food, how to cook and prepare food correctly, what portions are right for me, and what are the correct size meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner should I be eating? I can use all the help I can get!! Thanks!

Winners will be chosen at random, so everyone has an equal chance. Tell us, what healthy eating changes you plan to make in 2011. Make sure you comment on our contest blog post and not on this post (which is why comments are turned off for this one) by January 31st! Enter here.