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Late July Organic Snacks

By Marc Hamel and Ha Lam, January 13, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Marc Hamel and Ha Lam

We love our producers, suppliers and vendors and we think most of them have some pretty interesting stories behind their products too. We’re sharing some of our favorites here in an ongoing series.

Nicole Bernard Dawes’ mom ran a natural foods store and her dad founded a potato chip company, so it’s only natural she is now on a mission to satisfy families with Late July Organic Snacks.

They’re the kind of snacks Nicole always wished for as a kid, and still searched for years later while starting her own family. That’s when she knew the time had come to recreate classic crackers and cookies with organic ingredients and without hydrogenated oils or artificial additives.

“We started Late July to create a better, more sustainable food system for our children and future generations,” Nicole says.

With help from her father, the founder of Cape Cod Potato Chips, Nicole worked diligently to create snacks that are fun for all ages without compromising on the quality of ingredients — snacks that lived up to her family’s standards so she could share them with other families everywhere.

Family remains the primary focus at Late July, where you’ll find three generations at work, including eight-year-old Stephen and four-year-old Benjamin.

“Every time I look at my children I think about the huge responsibility this is,” Nicole says. “I hope to educate people about organics through their taste buds.” At Late July, that strong sense of responsibility also extends into the community.

The company supports several nonprofit organizations through the sale of products, including the Jane Goodall Institute, American Camp Association and Whole Planet Foundation.




Kate Hopkins says ...
My family just discovered Late July after my son was writing a paper (a protest encouraging the government to label GMO foods). We were surprised to find that out of hundreds of crackers at our local store, Late July was the only brand that actually confirmed on the package that it was GMO-free. We bought the crackers, and brought them home, and discovered how GOOOOOOOOD they tasted. So much flavor in such a simple product. We are big fans of Late July.
01/14/2012 8:02:13 AM CST
Nicole Bernard Dawes says ...
Thanks so much for spending some time with us! We all had a blast & my sons were so excited to see the final slide show! -Nicole, CEO Late July Organic Snacks
01/14/2012 8:25:27 AM CST
GirlRural.com says ...
I love this story and the chips look so great! I can't wait to try some.
01/14/2012 9:29:48 AM CST
Merril says ...
I have been impressed by this company and its philosophy from its inception. Not only are they creating an excellent product, but they are doing so ethically and with philanthropy. Tikkun olam -- sharing with those in need -- is a tradition in my religion. While we don't likely share the same religion, I am so pleased to see others do the same. If you haven't tried their products, I encourage you to do so. They are tasty and healthy. MAS
01/14/2012 10:14:31 AM CST
Kathleen says ...
We have enjoyed the varieties of Late July chips. It's nice to read the story of the company and to know they support worthy charities.
01/14/2012 9:08:14 PM CST
mia says ...
love ur product need a coupon for ur late july tortilla chips on a tight budget
01/18/2012 2:59:41 PM CST
St. McDuck says ...
I have yet to be disappointed by anything Late July makes. Wonderful organic food always has a place in my kitchen.
01/18/2012 6:19:37 PM CST
JoAnn says ...
WOW, no wonder I love Late July products. I also love Cape Cod chips. Late July crackers are the best. I can't even eat other crackers after trying these....I am so spoiled.
01/19/2012 10:54:28 AM CST
Donna says ...
Continuing to try to add more healthful foods and found your wonderful Late July multi-grain tortilla chips at Costco of all places. Love 'em. Just a few with a couple ounces of hummus & organic salsa makes for a satisfying and healthful snack. Will seek out your other products at the new Whole Foods nearby. Thank you for such quality products.
05/26/2012 4:28:21 PM CDT
Jacquie says ...
Just bought your Summertime Blues at Hannaford market and they are wonderful, crisp, healthy chips. I also like that they are gluten free and that any sweetener is natural and at the end of the ingredient list. Our family of nine will be with us in August and we will be buying your chips! Thank you for this great product.
07/18/2012 2:04:42 PM CDT
Dennis says ...
I had been purchasing the Late July Peanut butter sandwich crackers...not the mini....and have not been able to find them anymore! Are you no longer making them? I don't care for the mini sandwiches as much as the larger ones.
08/23/2012 6:21:40 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@DENNIS- I was able to reach out to Late July and they are only offering the peanut butter sandwich crackers in the mini option, both in a snack pack version and a large box. We are currently featuring Late July in our summer giveaway contest at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blog/summer-giveaway-late-july-organic-snacks. What better way to try out the mini sandwiches than on us!
08/24/2012 10:26:15 AM CDT
Deborah says ...
Hi, I just purchased, and enjoyed a box of organic cheese and crackers. The ingredients listed were wonderful, except I have a question about one ingredient. It was soy lecithin. Every ingredient listed said organic, except that one. Everything I've read about soy lecithin is horrible. Since the majority of soy and corn grown in this country is GMO, I hope that would not be the case with the soy lecithin in your product. My understanding about organic foods is they cannot contain GMO products. Yet, like I said, every product listed had organic in front of it, but not the soy lecithin. This stuff is showing up in everything in our foods, including our teas. Please reassure me that this is not the case with your product...because otherwise it is an excellent product.
10/15/2012 10:07:54 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@DEBORAH - Thanks for your question. I was able to double check this with our Food, Organic and Environmental Quality Standards Coordinator and he said "The USDA National Organic Standards do not allow the use of GMOs in organic food, and there is no exception made for soy ingredients.". I hope this helps!
10/16/2012 3:11:41 PM CDT
laurie feller says ...
11/09/2012 5:52:49 PM CST
Tricia says ...
Still looking for the ingredient list with everything listed.
01/02/2013 12:19:04 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@TRICIA - I would love to help you but I'm not sure which list you are looking to find? Let me know and I'll see if I can track it down for you!
01/02/2013 3:41:25 PM CST
Mac says ...
I'm a celiac and Late July corn chips are the best gluten-free chips I've tried. Unfortunately because of where I live I do not have access to your chips but once every few months since none of our stores sell them (except Walmart but they want $35 for 5, 5 oz. bags and the only other place is by Houston.) Also they're not very affordable online so I'd think about lowering the price or listing some places that sell them a bit cheaper, please.
01/07/2013 11:33:41 PM CST
Tommy Turner says ...
This product is so good that I wanted to go to your website to find out more. Sea Salt by The Sea Shore are even approved by my wife who is a certifide personal trainer and owns her own gym. We will keep passing the word on to ur friends about how awesome your chips are. We will also try more of what you have. Thanks, Tommy
01/14/2013 6:38:14 PM CST
Aileen says ...
Hi there, I live in Australia and found your Late July packets at an organic market stall in Bacchus Marsh Victoria. Where else in Australia can we find them, they are the best? Or how can we organise for our local fruit store to get them? Regards, Aileen
02/03/2013 8:24:40 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@AILEEN - Since your question is geared more for Late July as a vendor, I would encourage you to reach out to them directly at http://www.latejuly.com/late_july_organic_snacks/. We do not have any store locations in Australia so they can let you know if they sell there and if not, how to get their product in your local stores.
02/04/2013 2:58:38 PM CST
Michael Yanez says ...
fantastic story, we need more companies like Late July!
02/11/2013 10:44:18 AM CST
debbie says ...
I recently purchased a couple of bags of Late July multi-grain chips at a Publix in Sanford, Florida, whatn an awesome chip :). I am interested in what other flavors you have. I also went to a publix in Mt. Dora, Fl and they do not carry your chip so I made a special request for them to order Late July products. This is truly a very flavorful chip and I will continue to purchase them when I can find them.
02/17/2013 8:48:59 AM CST
May Best says ...
Love Late July! Are the dairy products in the chips pasteurized?
02/17/2013 5:21:53 PM CST
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@DEBBIE - I would suggest reaching out to either Late July or Publix for the flavors they carry. You can typically find tons of options at your local Whole Foods as well!
02/20/2013 1:30:18 PM CST