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Are you on Twitter yet? We are! If you follow @WholeFoods, you’ll get seasonal recipes, sales info, shopping and cooking tips, and lots more. With a healthy 2.1 million followers, we just can’t beat the real-time connection with our customers and friends on Twitter. We’ve even started a weekly hour-long chat on Twitter called “Dish.” The “Dish” twitter chat happens every Thursday at 6PM CST. Just pop onto Twitter.com and search for the hashtag #WFMdish to see what we’re dishing about. We’ll have new topics every week so there’ll always be something interesting to discuss with us and other “Dish” participants. Never participated in a twitter chat before? Here’s how it works: we jump-start the conversation with a few questions and then chat participants share their own thoughts, tips and info on the chosen topic. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to read the conversation, but if you want to add your thoughts, you can sign up for Twitter and use the hashtag #WFMdish to “dish” along with us. Interested? Get more details on how to get started with Twitter and participate in a chat in our WFMdish FAQs. Mark your calendar because our next #WFMdish is Thursday, December 15, at 6PM CST. We’ll be dishing about “Cooking for the Holidays.” That’s a big topic and one that’s top of mind for lots of folks right now. We plan to cover:

  • Tried and true holiday recipes
  • Preparing the right amount of food for your party
  • Accommodating guests with food allergies
  • Special cooking tools to make life easier

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday to share your thoughts, questions and ideas. That’s what these chats are all about: friends getting together and sharing with each other. If there’s something you want to make sure we discuss on this week’s “Dish”, leave a comment below. We may not be able to get to all the topics suggested but we’ll sure try our best!

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Elizabeth Goldenberg says …

I love that you mention the topic of cooking for guests with food allergies. I plan to join the chat tonight. On behalf of everyone with food allergies and intolerances, thank you for thinking of us. Sincerely, Elizabeth Goldenberg

Emily at Jestic says …

What is a good vegetarian main course for the festivities that meat eaters will love too? I'm on @Jestic_Ltd