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Let As we load our plates with more foods from more places around the world, we begin to think more about where that food began…who grew it, who processed it, who packaged it and what their working lives may be like. We also wonder if the environment was affected in order for us to enjoy a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar. Whole TradeAt Whole Foods Market, we think about those things, too. So we’re making it easier to choose products with good background stories. From pineapples to coffee to skincare, the Whole Trade™ program at Whole Foods Market sources over 1,000 items from producers who share a commitment to quality, the environment and healthy working conditions. Small choices every day really make a difference in the world. Whole Trade allows us to use our buying power to create new economic opportunities for workers in the developing world, and to help protect the environment in those places, too. We’re taking a poll and we want to know if you look for Whole Trade items when you shop. Click here to take our poll on Whole Trade and see how your thoughts stack up with others. Want to know more? You can tour our interactive Whole Trade map and peruse our stories from our Whole Trade partners. Remember: Every bite has a story. Your conscious food choices make a world of difference. Learn more at Let’s Retake our Plates.

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Syd says …

I eat local for most of my meals but it's GREAT to see that if and when I choose to treat myself with a tropical delight it will have a positive rather than negative impact on the source. While I've been picky about any coffee, chocolate and several other items for many years now, I was very happy to see Rainforest Alliance certified mangos a few weeks ago in Whole Foods. It prompted me to buy a couple when I wouldn't have otherwise. Thank you for caring enough to seek these products out and promote them so others know too.