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Kris says ...
American Humane Certified eggs are not the real deal. You want to buy eggs that are Animal Welfare Approved. This is the only certification that means true humane treatment to the hens. Look at http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/confinement_farm/facts/guide_egg_labels.html
11/28/2011 2:43:07 PM CST
Nancy says ...
Do you offer "certified humane" meats and poulty? If not, when will it be Wholefoods goal to do so?
12/30/2011 6:53:28 AM CST
janejohnson says ...
@Nancy Yes, we work very ardently to ensure the humane treatment of the meats we serve. We've chosen to partner with Global Animal Partnership to certify our producers' animal welfare practices. We're rolling out their 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Standards in every Whole Foods Market store in the United States and Canada.You can read more about the program at the below link. http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/meat/welfare.php
12/30/2011 8:22:42 AM CST
A. Clark says ...
I've recently begun buying most to all of our household foods from Whole Foods. I'm interested in organic, no artificial homones, and no pesticides, but most important i'm interesetd in the humane treatment of animals. Can I be assured that no products from Whole Foods come from manufacturers who treat their animals inhumanely? Can I be assured that all dairy products come from cows that are allowed to live healthy lives and roam pastures on their farms and NOT from diary cows that are hooked up to milking machines all day long. Can i be assured that all meats come from animals that are allowed to live healthy lives and roam pastures and not from animals like pigs who are tied down their whole lives or cows that are pumped full of hormones and live in small bins. That poultry comes from birds who roam freely and are fed healthy diets. That cage-free really does mean that they are allowed to live outdoors and not just packed into warehouses (non-cages) with hundreds or thousands of other birds all squeazed in together. THese are the assurances I am looking for. What kind of assurances is Whole Foods able to give its customers?
08/29/2012 3:51:23 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@A.CLARK - We're happy to offer assurance for the humane treatment of animals. Since the release of this blog post we have rolled out The 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards. We teamed up with the Global Animal Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to continually improving the lives of farm animals, to make sure you make informed choices about the food you eat. For more information, you can visit http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/about-our-products/quality-standards/animal-welfare-standards. Keep an eye out at your local store for The 5-Step Animal Welare Ratings on various meat products.
08/29/2012 4:35:35 PM CDT
christine says ...
Thank you for offering a choice! So many retailers offer animal products that were not produced under compassionate circumstances. Thank you for doing something different and doing something that will one day be the norm.
12/01/2012 5:03:14 AM CST
Gary Griffith says ...
Can I find out if you have milk and cheese where the dairy cows are treated better than any other factory farm cows. I am concerned about treatment and I wasn't even thinking about hormones just treatment. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks gary
05/14/2013 9:17:17 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@GARY - We have long been a pioneer of animal welfare for animals raised for our consumption. We have the highest standards in the industry and are very proud of them. With regard to dairy cattle, we look for milk produced by animals that have not been given added hormones or antibiotics. However, at this time we have not created specific standards with regard to the animal’s welfare beyond those set by the USDA. Buying organic milk can ensure that there is an added level of animal welfare consideration. Cows that produce certified organic milk are not given antibiotics or added growth hormones. In addition to having access to the outdoors, cows on certified organic farms are fed 100% organic feed, so consequently they're not exposed to persistent pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, eliminating the possibility that these chemicals may turn up as residues in the milk. (Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, including the use of cloned animals, are also prohibited by the Organic Standards.)
05/23/2013 2:58:18 PM CDT
Jeanette says ...
I would like to see more "certified humane" cheeses at Whole Foods. I enjoy your Green Valley "certified humane" yogurts but have not seen any certified humane(rennet-free obviously) cheeses. Please remedy this. I have two vegetarian/vegan children, their friends are vegetarian/vegan, and this seems to be a growing trend in our new compassionate world. Though I am not vegan, I respect my children by eating respectfully towards animals and try only to buy humane dairy products.
05/30/2013 3:05:24 PM CDT
Amy Henry says ...
Love the Certified Humane foods! Can you get more of them?
07/29/2013 2:56:30 PM CDT