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Linden Vineyards

Linden Vineyards, Linden, Virginia Since 1983, Jim Law has been delicately working the soil at Hardscrabble Vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, intent upon growing the best grapes in order to produce the best wine in the region. The soil, site, and microclimate are even more important to Jim than the grape varieties. The combination of a cool mountain microclimate and well-drained mineral soils give Linden Vineyard wines their fresh, assertive aromas and concentrated flavors.

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jerri says …

i just wrote about organic wines on my blog www.cooking4carnivores this week as a part of my earth week series. i wish grocery stores could sell wine in TN. i would know the WFM wouldn't steer me wrong. i ended up getting a wine from a company that gives back to the environment, but may not be organic er say..thanks for turning my one to this vineyard! now i know what to look for.

barsha says …

i know Jim Law Vineyard and the lovely taste of the grape wine it produce. in my site <a href="http://howtomakegrapewine.com/" rel="nofollow"> How To Make Grape Wine</a> its discussed in more professional way. The climate is very important in this area.