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Don't forget to join us for our live blog at 1pm CST today (Friday, April 24th). Green Mission We're getting together to share ideas for ways to keep Earth Day going all year long. Kathy Loftus, nationally recognized green management expert and active member of Whole Foods Market's Green Mission Team, will guide the chat. Whether you are new to green living or have been on the bandwagon a long time, join us to share your questions and answers to how we can all work together to protect the world around us.

Read the replay here:

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Leslie Poole says …

In honor of Earth Day (and every day), I have decided to give up smoking cigarettes. I have done everything else possible to maintain good health, ie. eat organic fruits and vegetables, little protein, wheat products ( in favor of white flour)no artificial sweeteners or foods and no processed foods. However, I cannot, in good conscience purport to be a healthy person unless I give up this habit and cease inhaling and emitting noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Here's to my good health.....and to those of your readers. Leslie Poole

susie says …

My family and I were quite distressed to find out on Oprah that there is a garbage region in each of our seas (Pacific and Atlantic) the size of Texas! We opted to have 10 year life water filters on our facets and showers AND bought reusable drinking bottles to save our oceans from any further plastics. We are recylcling any plastics we have, such as clam shell containers as reusuable sandwich containers for my childs lunches and reuse Whole Foods partitioned (fours) containers for "lunchable" containers. He eats much healthier because of this change. We also are container planting this season blueberries, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. Once other note, I am trying to grow a Meyers Lemon IN CHICAGO! Wish me the best! Buy local and grow local!