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Lou Lambert's Coffee-Rubbed Brisket

Ever tried cooking with coffee? Chef Lou Lambert of Lamberts Downtown Barbecue in Austin, Texas, uses cofffee in one of his signature dishes. In this week’s encore presentation, he has adapted the recipe for his famous smoked, coffee-rubbed brisket for the home kitchen by roasting the brisket rather than smoking it. Easy to assemble and cook, this brisket packs amazing flavor and can be served warm or at room temperature. Get the Recipe: Lou Lambert's Coffee-Rubbed Brisket

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says …

Hi Charley, thanks for posting your recipe, I will definitly give it a try! I work on the Secret Ingredient show and I have to say that this is probably my most favorite recipe. I think we have tapped about 80 episodes so far and I know that our enitre team contiunes to talk about this episode as one of the best!

charley says …

I do a rub something like it with more heat, I us it w/ chicken Chicken Rub ½ cup paprika powder ¼ cup chili powder 3 Tbsp. salt 2 Tbsp. coriander 2 Tbsp garlic powder 2 Tbsp. white sugar 2 Tbsp curry powder 2 Tbsp dry mustard powder 1 Tbsp. black pepper 1 Tbsp. basil 1 Tbsp thyme 1 t. Cayenne pepper 2 t. Instant coffee Yield 21/2 cups (Enough for about 4 large chickens)

mdufresne says …

this sounds so good! I cant wait untill I try it out,

Beth says …

Could someone tell me how to adapt this recipe to a slow cooker? I would love to serve this along with my Thanksgiving turkey but I only have one oven.