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Make a Simple Green Resolution and Win!

By Betsy Becker, April 21, 2009  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Betsy Becker
Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. In celebration of our planet's big day, why not take a moment to make a simple green resolution for the coming year? Happy Earth Day 2009Here's mine: Bike to work at least once a week. Full disclosure: The last time I owned a bike, it was a blue Schwinn with a hot pink basket and I was 10. Sadly, I've outgrown that bike. But now, after months of bugging my friends for bike recommendations and visiting all of the bike shops around town, I've narrowed down my choices and am finally ready to invest in an "adult" bike at last. By this Earth Day, I am determined to be a proud bike owner/commuter/road warrior at least once a week. Why not every day? After years of making (and always breaking) grandiose New Year's resolutions, I've learned that the simple, realistic changes are the ones that really last. Now it's your turn. Tell us one simple green change you're planning to make for Earth Day. Everyone who enters a comment on this post between now and April 30th will be entered to win a $25 Whole Foods Market gift card and a FEED 100 bag. The winner will be announced the first week of May in our Whole Story blog, so stay tuned! And even if you don't win the prizes, your green resolution efforts will be rewarded with a cleaner, greener, healthier planet for many Earth Days to come. Here's to wishing you and yours a Merry Earth Day and a Happy Earth Year! Check out more green ideas on our Whole Story blog. Visit our website for more Earth Month tips, trivia, contests and more. Send this Earth Day Greeting to your friends! Share through Facebook. Digg It.
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Stephanie says ...
I love this idea of a green resolution! ok here's mine: I want to cook at home with lots of veggies at least 5x per week (if not more).
04/21/2009 2:15:45 PM CDT
Jugband says ...
My green resolution: Double size of kitchen garden.
04/21/2009 2:48:13 PM CDT
Janet says ...
Mine is similar - take the train to work once a week, and to drive as little as possible when I'm in the city. We have a great bus system in SF, and my feet work just fine, too!
04/21/2009 3:09:04 PM CDT
Mary says ...
I will quit forgetting my re-usable shopping bags--I will actually use them!
04/21/2009 3:09:22 PM CDT
chris damico says ...
On Earth Day, I will start following the one person-one light bulb rule. I will only keep one light on in the house, and I will always turn a light off as I leave the room.
04/21/2009 3:09:32 PM CDT
Carolezoom says ...
I'm resolving to eat raw for the month of may. Cz
04/21/2009 3:09:49 PM CDT
Jessica Holden says ...
I resolve to put a bucket in my tub to collect water when I'm showering and to use that water to flush my toilet.
04/21/2009 3:09:51 PM CDT
Stacy Brogan Able says ...
I resolve to grow my own veggies this summer and donate any extras to local food shelters.
04/21/2009 3:10:33 PM CDT
A. Raymond says ...
Car Pool to work once a week! Another co-worker lives in my neighborhood. We always find ourselves passing each other on the way home from work. We have our own schedules but I think we will be able to do it!
04/21/2009 3:10:38 PM CDT
Leigh Ann Garrett says ...
I turn off ALL lights in my house when not in use...Most of the time it's easy to remember, but in rooms where I sometimes forget, I have at least changed my bulbs to CFL's.
04/21/2009 3:10:40 PM CDT
Jenny Dempsey says ...
My Green Resolution is to recycle paper at my office. Currently, there is no recycling here at our small office in San Diego, CA, but I do have one at my apartment complex. It would literally take me 10 minutes to round up the paper, carry it home and dump it in the recycle bin. Not sure why I did not do this before. A little time to help the world? That is My Green Resolution!
04/21/2009 3:11:11 PM CDT
Katie says ...
I pledge to be more green by being waste free at work. Printed documents without a use will become scrap paper (and then recycled); disposable cups, bowls, plates, spoons, knives, and forks will be replaced with reusable ones; I will bring a lunch, in reusable containers, to cut down on the paper wrappings and bags when I get lunch to-go.
04/21/2009 3:11:23 PM CDT
Julia says ...
I resolve to recycle the plastic bags I get at those "other" grocery stores when forced to visit. They usually just pile up in my pantry.
04/21/2009 3:11:49 PM CDT
Kimberly Giannini says ...
My resolution is to walk to and from work every day this summer instead of taking cabs...even in the rain (hello umbrella!)
04/21/2009 3:12:25 PM CDT
deb lavoy says ...
taking lunch to work - reduces packaging, increases taste and healthfulness, budget friendly too.
04/21/2009 3:12:32 PM CDT
Meg W. says ...
I will remember to bring my reusable grocery bags to the store EVERY time, not just when making big purchases.
04/21/2009 3:12:47 PM CDT
Melissa Riebe says ...
I resolve to focus less on simply organic produce and meats and more on buying local products which have a lesser carbon footprint.
04/21/2009 3:13:01 PM CDT
Mikael says ...
I'm not renewing the lease on my car, nor am I getting another one - I will be 100% pedestrian / public transport / car share. The environmental impact of that choice weighed heavily on the decision. I'm also looking forward to the opening of the local farmer's market so that I can get fresh produce from local farms a few days a week, and I'm committed to doing that until the market closes in the fall.
04/21/2009 3:13:11 PM CDT
courtney says ...
My resolution is to stop using plastic store bags. There is no need for a huge bag for one tube of chapstick. Also, at the gym I, I will now be bringing water in a refillable water bottle rather than bringing a name brand one each time. Every little bit counts!!! Happy Earth Day :)
04/21/2009 3:13:40 PM CDT
Mary says ...
To get LEAN and GREEN, I will always take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk, bike or use public transportation whenever I can.
04/21/2009 3:13:41 PM CDT
Jen Breaux says ...
I plan to stop buying bottled water and instead use a water filtration system on my kitchen faucet and use a re-usable water bottle with a filtration system within it that I can take to work, in the car, and everywhere! This will cut down on unnecessary bottles.
04/21/2009 3:13:49 PM CDT
Thomas says ...
Buy a water bottle. After not cleaning up my desk for a week I noticed the staggering amount of plastic cups from the watercooler sitting around on my desk. That's A LOT of plastic in the long run. An easy investment of <5 bucks will save hundreds of plastic cups in the long run.
04/21/2009 3:13:58 PM CDT
LindsayE says ...
This year we're planning on starting our own little organic "victory garden." I have a lot of food allergies, so and I'd rather get it from my own back yard, using my own compost, and watering from my own rain barrel. Better for me, too! Happy Earth Day!
04/21/2009 3:14:05 PM CDT
Levi Haag says ...
hmm... i already walk to work but i will keep my a.c. off when i am out of the house, and only on enough to keep me from overheating (i live in Florida!)
04/21/2009 3:14:07 PM CDT
melanie burke says ...
i unplug anything that is not being used from the wall, blender, toaster, cell phone chargers, and even my tv, internet modem and router box during the day. ive found this to be a key factor to many green saving tips!
04/21/2009 3:14:07 PM CDT