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When you are trying to charter an apartment, what are the main things they are looking for on your credit history in order for an approval? Are they concerned in all of your credit card invoices and other payments or are they mainly interested with your rental history and bankruptcy backcloth? How do flat building complexes look at your credit when approving you for an apartment?
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Katie says ...
Very sad to think buying full spectrum fluorescent bulbs is your contribution to ecology. They contain mercury and cost more energy to dispose of--not to mention if you drop a bulb the danger--and any neurologist will tell you they cause migraines --even seizures in susceptible people--and some researchrs will tell you they cause retinal damage in susceptible people due to the increased blue spectrum uv's in the full spectrum versus conventional bulbs---the best way to contribute to the saving of our planet is to have less children!!!!!!!!!!!
06/14/2011 2:58:47 AM CDT