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Merry Christmas!

christmas Hope you planned ahead and are not dashing through the snow trying to hang the stockings with care at the last minute on this Christmas Eve! Our stores are full of Christmas spirit and fun places to catch the holiday bug if it hasn't bitten you yet. Need some help with your holiday meal? Check out our recipes and tips pages! For those last minute "oh I forgot the…!" quick dashes to the market, find out what your store's holiday hours are by checking your store's webpage, twitter feed or facebook page. Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas filled with hope.

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Denise Ruwe says …

Morning... Hoping that the Houston locations will again carry Chobani yogurts, especially vanilla. I was told that WF had discontinued them, yet I just saw them on the aisles of the Irving, CA store. I really love that yogurt; please consider the request. BTW... I am a fig cookie monster. I have enjoyed them with my first cup of coffee each morning for years. Your 365 brand is currently positively the best on the market. I have totally gone Mormon on these cookies. It seems that I always have a surplus stash, just in case you run out, a sad event that I just recently got through. Love those cookies, thanks for supplying them. tata!

Trucos Guerras Tribales says …

thanks for the info mate, you made my day

custom kooszie says …

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lester says …

Impossible to find out if duluth stote is open today xmass