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Merry Christmas!

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and healthy Christmas Day! Need last minute help on your holiday meal prep?  Check out our recipes and tips pages!

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john says …

merry xmas to you too now open your store I need some more food for xmas brunch

kansei says …

@john --yes, if there was at least one whole foods store in the phoenix metro area open right now that would be awesome. I don't celebrate Christmas so it kills me how everything is closed. I'm at work right now and want to get some tea, but no dice on there being any whole foods open :(

Frank Bell says …

Happy Holidays! :)

wendy says …

Merry Christmas. If the store is open for a couple hours, it would be even more merrier. :( I need some bread and cookies.

karma Moffett says …

Thank you for providing the food and products and friendly servers. Blessings and Happy Holidays

Brian Mc says …

Merry Christmas to everyone at Whole Foods Market. Great company with high quality food that REALLY does taste better. I had the Filet Mingon on Christmas Eve and it was the best tasting steak i ever had. MERRY CHRISTMAS.