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Mom's Best Recipes

Thanks for all the great recipes you submitted when we asked for your recipes honoring Mom in anticipation of Mother's Day this coming Sunday, May 10. Your recipe ideas and stories certainly confirmed some basic truths about mothers, such as:

Moms are creative and resourceful.

Banana Bread Learn to maximize your groceries by following these moms' tips. What to do with elderly bananas and avocados? Follow the leads of Anita's and Audrey's mothers by making Banana Bread or Avocado Cake. Gerald praised his mom for making great food without all the fancy gadgets and on a limited budget. She made Skillet Cabbage, combining garden items and home-canned goods. Jackie's mom excelled at making something absolutely wonderful out of simple ingredients. A supper of Ham, Cabbage and Potatoes is one of her favorites.

Moms take care of us.

Amy's mom has made Chicken Soup for as long as her daughter can remember. She loves it any time and especially when she's sick. Try homemade Chicken and Wild Rice Soup or Hearty Turkey Noodle Soup the next time you need a pick-me-up. BroccoliRachel's mother emphasized fresh and healthy food and planned a weekly vegetarian night to ensure her kids "remained flexible and open to new things." Her mom's Sesame Broccoli was a favorite dish at their family dinner table. Try our version.

Moms like to indulge.

Pasta with BrieJayme grew up in an Italian family and loves her mom's pasta dishes. One of her favorites is Pasta with Brie, Tomatoes and Basil - perfect when summer produce is flourishing. Carrie's grandmother had an apricot orchard and baked the best Fruit Cobblers in the summer, while D. Watson's grandmother made Sugar Pie (in a homemade pie crust) on special occasions, served with fresh fruit and plenty of strong coffee for the adults.

Moms love oats!

Chocolate Chipa Oat BarsKathryn's mom's Chocolate Chip Oat Bars are a big hit, and she suggests eating them for breakfast. While we're not sure we can endorse that, we do recommend them for a snack. Kathryn also suggests them as a quick bite when you're in a hurry or a welcome hostess gift. Brawlin Barista's writes that her mom's oatmeal cheers her up on a cold or grumpy day. She makes it with milk instead of water, topped with brown sugar, 2% milk, a huge handful of raisins and some walnuts. Try our Perfect Pot of Oatmeal for a happy way to start your day. OatmealTo read all the tasty ideas and fun stories readers submitted, scroll through the comments on the original post. Thanks for all the delicious ideas, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! What's on your Mother's Day celebration menu this year?

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Tarrin Jones says …

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Meenakshi says …

I, like all daughters, think that my Mom makes the best food ever! There's a certain warmth about her food, this deliciousness that can't be found elsewhere and that secret ingredient that makes everything out of this world.... yes, the secret ingredient is love! This year, I will be lucky enough to be with my Mom on Mothers' Day and hopefully will be able to make a lovely meal to celebrate our beautiful bond. One of the dishes she makes, that I love and try to imitate is her Palak Paneer (Spinach with cottage cheese). She not only gave me her recipe but also secrets and tips that I want to share with everyone. I think a little motherly goodness goes a long way when it's shared. Here you go: http://onestopeats.wordpress.com/2009/03/20/palak-paneer-spinach-cottage-cheese/

Kathryn says …

Thanks for the mention, Kate. I'm so happy you liked the Chocolate Chip Oat Bars! I linked back to your post here: http://curlyhairday.blogspot.com/2009/05/we-love-whole-foods.html

Suzanne says …

Hi everyone! Our creative arts studio for kids has developed a gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan chocolate cup cake with creamy frosting and it is amazing! I have a child with Asperger's and he is on a GFCF diet. Would love to share this recipe to anyone who would like it! I love this recipe because it's easy and delicious. It's so easy to whip up a batch before I go to parties. I plan on making these for our Mother's day celebration! All you need is rice flour, cocoa, sugar, apple sauce, sugar, baking powder, rice milk (or soy/regular), vanilla, canola oil and salt. The frosting is confectioner's sugar, vanilla, agave, rice milk and Earth Balance soy free/dairy free butter. For exact measurements you can email me at: suzanne@thelittlegreentambourine.com.

jerri says …

in honor of my mom this year, i made the first thing we ever baked together this past weekend - thumbprint cookies! (http://www.cooking4carnivores.com/2009/05/thumbprint-cookies.html) i made them for show and tell for the "TH" sound in kindegarten! and they were still delicious. i gave her a batch. it was a nice, memorable, and inexpensive gift that showed that i cared. i totally recommend recreating edible memories for your mom.