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Money-Saving Tips for Staying Hydrated

The summer heat is on, so now more than ever it’s important to stay hydrated. It’s easy to keep cool and quench your thirst without breaking the bank when following these money-saving tips, all included in the latest issue of The Whole Deal. 1. Brew your Own. We love the convenience of our bottled 365 Everyday Value® Organic Unsweetened Tea, featured as a Sure Deal, but we also love our 365 Everyday Value™ Organic Tea in an 80-bag box. Brew it, chill it, then sit back and enjoy your homemade iced tea savings! Waste Not. Freeze leftover coffee, tea or juice in ice cube trays. Drop some cubes into your iced coffee, tea or other favorite beverage to keep it icy cold without watering it down. Or use them to jazz up smoothies and shakes. 2.Go Low not High. 365 Everyday Value® canned sodas and tonic are priced right and contain no high-fructose corn syrup. 3. Reduce, Reuse. Refill reusable bottles with filtered water or from a big container of water, iced tea or whatever rather than buying single-serve bottles. 4. Juice it. Flavor sparkling or still water with 100% fruit juice in a 3:1 ratio and chill or serve over ice (or frozen juice cubes—see #2 above). 5. Pack a Punch. Replace kiddy juice boxes with sippy cups filled with equal parts organic apple juice, 100% berry juice and water. Here are more ways to chill out while taking advantage of some Sure Deals:
  • The “Arnold Palmer”: Combine equal parts 365 Everyday Value® Lemonade and 365 Everyday Value ® Iced Tea
  • Honeydew Green Tea: Start with 365 Everyday Value® Geen Tea and add honeydew melon (or other seasonal melon) and ginger.
  • Lambrusco Coolers: Whole Foods Market™ Lemon Italian Soda, muddled cherries and strawberries, Melandri Lambrusco and ice…all the adults say “ahhhhh!”
Enjoyed these refreshing ideas?  Get even more budget-friendly tips (and over $45 in coupons) online or pick up the summer issue of The Whole Deal at your local store! What are your favorite ways to stay hydrated on a budget?

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commonsense says …

Ummm.... ever thought of drinking water?

david says …

Not to sure about tea ice cubes with a smoothie...

Guide to Blogging says …

I highly appreciate this one. I am a nurse in our country and I will share this to them, I am really amazed with the idea, since most causes of dehydration is what we called the insensible water loss due to the heat of the sun. Lets fight dehydration.