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This is My Year to... Save Without Compromise

savewithoutcomp Are you ready for some more ideas on how you can upgrade your life in 2010? At Whole Foods Market we're welcoming the new year with the belief that everyone should be able to afford healthy natural and organic foods, supplements and body care. So we're here for you with our 365 Everyday Value line, The Whole Deal value guide, sales and competitive pricing on items produced to the strictest standards. You can have your values and eat them, too! Here are some of our favorite value-focused tips. Tune in throughout the month of January for more ideas and don't forget to declare your food-related mantra on our Facebook This is My Year to... app. By voting (daily through January), your support could earn the Non-GMO Project, The Organic Center's Mission Organic 2010 or Growing Power an extra $10,000 donation above the $10k we are already donating to each. Cool! Learn to Cook - Cooking fresh meals can be a cost saver, flavor enhancer and a nutrient boost from all those fresh ingredients. Focus on simple dishes offered with a variety of condiments. A dash of soy ginger sauce, balsamic vinegar or chili garlic sauce might be the magic someone needs to love vegetables! Save without Compromise - Our 365 Everyday Value products help everyone afford natural and organic foods. These are daily essentials without artificial additives and hydrogenated fats at great prices 365 days a year. Free Myself with Frozen - Frozen fruits and veggies are truly a busy person's solution. They help avoid prep time and waste, while preserving nutrients that decrease daily in fresh produce. Keep several types on hand so you'll never be without something to satisfy. Raise My Standards for Convenience - While many conventional frozen foods are loaded with artificial additives and preservatives, you can choose with freedom at Whole Foods Market. We offer an incredible selection for a variety of tastes and dietary needs. buywhatineed Watch My Portions and Know My Ingredients - When you choose food from our chef case it is weighed right in front of you so that you can buy as little or as much as you need for a healthy portion. You also know exactly what you're eating because the ingredients are listed on the sign in order of volume. Know the Shortcuts - Cooking at home is often fun and satisfying. Sometimes, though, the simple task of prepping veggies is too much at the end of a long day. Welcome to the salad bar and use it beyond salads! Precut veggies are the fastest way to a stirfry or side dish. Get to Know My Butcher - Our full-service meat counter allows you to choose which exact cut you would like and to buy as much or as little as you need for a recipe or a healthy portion. We can also help you with recipe ideas and cooking information. A Lot of Flavor for your Buck - Choose high-quality, strong-flavored ingredients. A little goes a long way when cooking with full-flavored blue cheeses, hard grating cheeses and really good olives.

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ImaVegan says …

Whole Foods has available in their stores, "The Whole Deal" flyers which have lots of coupons inside for a variety of products. Also, if you sign up at wholefoods.com to receive newsletters and such, you also can get coupons that way, sent to your email.

GourmetOnADiet says …

I like the idea of saving without compromise. Does Whole Foods have any plans in the works for coupons? Are there downloadable coupons on the website that I just haven't stumbled across yet?

Georgia@GeorgiaPellegrini.com says …

I like where your head is at Whole Foods... it's important to make it affordable too. Otherwise this whole notion of "organic" seems elitist and inaccessable.